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Running/cardio is used by a lot of people to loose weight. There however is a difference between loosing weight and loosing fat. We should always concentrate on loosing fat. Watch the video to know how that can be done.

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Lots of people assume that they understand all they have to learn about trying to keep them selves in top condition, but you can discover new things that could kick your exercise program up a notch or two. The powerful tips located in this article can assist you do that, starting up these days.

Should you be incapable of exercising on account of time limitations or whatever your reason, attempt to press in no less than twenty minutes of both cardio or strength training, twice a week. Research has revealed that those who determined minimally, utilized significantly less sick and tired days and nights than those who failed to exercising by any means.

Your level of fitness depends upon the level of work you set involved with it and exactly how a lot you will be making these options a part of your daily routine. In the event you place these ideas and tips to great use, there are actually yourself sensing and seeking greater in no time flat.


  1. मेरी हाइट 6'1" है और आज से 6 दिन पहले मेरा वजन 112.5 kg था।
    मेरे खुद के बनाए diet system से बिना कोई exercise(walk और running तक नहीं) किए 5 kg कम कर लिए । अच्छी बात ये है कि मेरा stomach से fat हट रहा है ।आज का मेरा weight 107.4 kg है।
    सिर्फ इतना ध्यान रखिए कि जो भी खाएं वो low calorie low carbs low fat हो और उनसे आपकी दिन भर की protein , fibre , vitamins etc. की जरूरत पूरी हो जाए।
    मैं इस समय एक दिन में सिर्फ 1100 से 1150 कैलोरी का खाना खा रहा हूँ और मुझे उससे दिन भर के लिए सभी nutrition भी पूरे मिल रहे हैं । ऑफिस वर्क में कोई दिक्कत नहीं है बल्कि ज्यादा एक्टिव फील हो रहा है।

  2. Sir plz.tell plz mera weight 65kg ho gya h or hight 5. 6 hai plz hame diet batayiye kaise kare

  3. My age is 21 and height is 5'10" and weight is 82. I want my height increase minimum 3" please tell

  4. sir i reduce 18 kg with healthy diet nd nutrition
    my hight is 4"11and weight is 54 nd i think mujhe 5 kg or reduce karna hai plzz suggest me how i reduce more 5 kg

  5. hello…im 26 years n my current weight is 66kg n my height is 5.2…i hv been trying to lose weight bt my gym instructor is very unprofessional..he nvr teaches me wt to do for particular area…n its been a month i hv nt lost evn 10gm..plez suggest me what to do..

  6. bhai anurag mera weight gain hogaya jayada and i want to no that gym morning mein karu ya evening mein kis time better rahega and konsi exercise sab se pehle karu bro btao.

  7. sir mai one month zumba + cardio kr rhi hoon mera na hi weightloss hua na hi fat loss hua hai kya kru

  8. sir my height 5,4 hai aur mera waight 74 to mujhe 10 kg waight loss karna hai mere do bachche hai dono operation se hai mera age 30 hai to mai kya karu yoga mai karti hu morning me 5: 30 ko to please mujhe kuch bataiye kaise kam karu

  9. sir m roj 5 km running krta hu….shaam ko 30 min m…toh fat loss ke liye enough hoga na

  10. Hy i am girl. Me skinny hun but me stomatch abs banana chati hun so what i do? Plz reaply.

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