You have a precious diamond on the backside of you that needs your attention! The thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) is a diamond-shaped connective tissue found in the small of the back, and can be implicated in low back pain. In a recent study the TLF was found to be thickened by 25% or more in patients with chronic Low Back Pain. Learn more about this Diamond and try these easy, gentle movements to stretch and move into this area to bring relief to that tense, binding feeling. All done while sitting in your chair!

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Apply the Following Ideas to Get Fit

Excellent fitness is an important part of any healthy life-style. Sustaining an exercise routine will enable you to really feel much more energetic in all of your other pursuits. There are several great solutions to include fitness into your life-style. Determine what works for you, and start experiencing more youthful and dynamic today.

Don’t overwhelm yourself when you start physical exercise. You have to commence your system gradually, particularly if this has been a little while as you final took part in an exercise strategy. Your system is not going to function in how you would like it to, and it could result in trauma.

Mentioned previously within the over within the intro, exercise and fitness is very important to some healthy life-style. For full body health, fitness and excellent nourishment is very important for all. Keep to the useful tips layed out in this post for a few intriguing and exciting ways to keep your body within the very best issue possible.


  1. I have found your channel and along with my Yoga instructor two days a week, I can get lots of new ideas to practice on my off days! Your style and delivery are excellent!

  2. My goal is to do one of your hour long classes every day, but really, it ends up about 4 times a week when I have to go to an early morning meeting. My question is, Is chair yoga as effective as floor yoga. If not, in what way? Thank you! Nancy

  3. I love your videos, I learn so much from them. Thank you Sherry. I have a question at 30:49 there is a blip and I miss some of the content, at 30:50 it picks up in at the middle of comments regarding the digestive system. What am I missing?

  4. Im so happy I found you… I have never done yoga… started about 6 months ago while in Arizona and loved it.. I could not believe how wonderful I felt.. we came back home for the summer and I had no idea where to go.. then I found your videos… I am going to get my hubby to do it with me. Thank you.

  5. HI Sherry, I am very found of your yoga session on you tub. I have finished the 200 YTTC. would love to do chair yoga classes with seniors. could you please suggest learning on line link. much appreciated.

  6. Hi Sherry, thank you for another excellent class! I have been teaching a Senior Chair Yoga program for the past 2 years and I have been incorporating your moves into my classes. My students love them! You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate all your wisdom and knowledge. Namaste! – Andrew, RYT 200

  7. does anyone not have back pain? thanks so much Sherry. recovering from spinal surgery and these mindful stretches are wonderful! Happy Birthday.

  8. I would like to encourage all your fans to share their favorite video on their FB page, and other social media, you'll be doing the world a service!

  9. I just discovered your channel and Sherry I have to thank you for sharing your class
    with us. You are very good and I am thoroughly enjoying joining your classes
    each morning!! Bless you and thanks again:)

  10. Great class Sherry…looking forward to incorporating this in my chair classes next week. Thank you for all that you and your teachers share to all of us.

  11. hi Sherry!! I wanted to thank you for all the great lessons and Ideas!! you are an inspiration!!! I have a doubt, on the sequence at 19:40, you say inhale contract and exhale lengthen, and I have tried… but I always inhale while lengthening and exhale while contracting… does it make more sense?? thanks again!! and a hug from Portugal 🙂

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