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This 10-minute HIIT dynamic strength training workout is going to max your metabolism and fire up your fat burning potential! Pick up a pair of medium dumbbells and get ready to get lean, strong and sexy…with this fun high intensity interval training, metabolism boosting workout with weights! It’s total body strength training to the max…with a few explosive cardio intervals thrown in! Do this workout at home, at the gym…wherever you can. You’ll build total body strength and boost your metabolism while burning major calories and burning fat! Ignite that after burn effect (EPOC) and see results FAST!

Repeat this workout 1-2 more times for a fun and intense 20-minute workout or a challenging 30-minute workout.

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Mike Donavanik is a celebrity personal trainer and fitness instructor. He is the creator of the Extreme Burn DVD series and has been featured in Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Fitness, Details, Refinery 29, Men’s Fitness, Oprah.com and a number of other national and international magazines. Parts of his Extreme Burn workout series can be found on the BeFit YouTube Channel. He is also the newest addition to the Women’s Health Fit Club.

Check Out These Tips for Getting in Shape

Getting in shape doesn’t need to indicate a lot of time of grueling workouts at the health club. This short article will deal with a number of techniques that will help you get in shape both at home and at the health club.

You may increase your hold through a towel to get into the club when you figure out your forearms. This causes the club in becoming fuller and also the tightness of your own hold to improve. That increase result in your forearm muscle groups to have to job much harder at holding onto the club.

Start or remaining using a physical fitness plan can feel demanding, but trying to keep fit will assist you to not just to look your best, but to truly feel your best too. Using the health and fitness suggestions mentioned earlier mentioned may help make it simpler so that you can meet up with your goals.


  1. Good morning Mike! I just did this workout at 4:45am! I used my 10 and 8 lb dumbbells… oh my arms! LOVED LOVED LOVED all the moves so much! And the last pushup move was burning! Love this workout! Thank you so so much Mike!


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