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This 10-minute step HIIT workout is pure high intensity interval training…with a Reebok Step and your own body weight! Burn fat, burn calories, and look sexy with this free hiit step weight workout! Inspired by Cathe Friedrich and BodyrockTV Bootcamp….this full body fat melting hiit step workout will leave you feeling good and strong…and looking sexy! Burn calories, burn fat, get stronger, get leaner…and feel amazing! Take this workout with you on the go, do it at home, or workout at the gym with it!

Repeat this workout 1-2 times for a 20-minute workout or a 30-minute workout.


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Mike Donavanik is a celebrity personal trainer and fitness instructor. He is the creator of the Extreme Burn DVD series and has been featured in Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Fitness, Details, Refinery 29, Men’s Fitness, Oprah.com and a number of other national and international magazines. Parts of his Extreme Burn workout series can be found on the BeFit YouTube Channel. He is also the newest addition to the Women’s Health Fit Club.

Strategies for Getting Into Great Shape

Fitness need to a crucial part of anyone’s existence. It will magic for the body, trying to keep it healthy and fit, and supplying you with more electricity. However lots of people find it hard to exercise regularly within their frantic routine. This post involves useful, simple ideas for you to discover ways to workout successfully in a modest amount of time.

Doing the same exercises every day leads to boredom, and it is easy to get discouraged. It is important to have a varied exercise routine to stay motivated. If you usually use a treadmill all the time, you may want to go out for a walk or run to change it up. Varying your exercise routine will help you stay on track.

Starting or keeping yourself having a physical fitness system can seem to be tough, but trying to keep suit will assist you to not only to appearance your greatest, but to truly feel your greatest too. Using the fitness ideas mentioned earlier mentioned will assist make it easier for you to fulfill your desired goals.


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