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Get ready to step your game up with this hardcore high intensity interval training bench / step HIIT workout! Besides the bench, you only need your own bodyweight…so almost no equipment needed! You’ll work total body strength, high intensity cardio bursts, and we finish off with abs! Burn fat, burn calories, and look sexy with this free workout! Do this workout at home, at the gym, or wherever you can. You’ll get build total body strength while burning major calories and fat!

Repeat this workout 1-2 more times for a 20-minute workout or 30-minute workout!


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Mike Donavanik is a celebrity personal trainer and fitness instructor. He is the creator of the Extreme Burn DVD series and has been featured in Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Fitness, Details, Refinery 29, Men’s Fitness, Oprah.com and a number of other national and international magazines. Parts of his Extreme Burn workout series can be found on the BeFit YouTube Channel. He is also the newest addition to the Women’s Health Fit Club.

Move Your Body With These Fitness Tips

Everyone knows keeping yourself match is important, especially with being overweight charges in America increasing swiftly. Want to determine, but don’t possess any great concepts? There are numerous strategies to work towards your own personal physical fitness, and this report identifies some good ways to have some fun while training and keeping yourself healthy.

So that you can optimize your physical fitness regimen at the gym, be sure to only relax as needed between collections. This may save your time, at the gym and acquire you shifting to other actions easier. Down the road with your exercise you’ll need more rests, nonetheless you can begin it off robust without any ill effects.

As you can see, being match is not difficult to combine in your regimen. You need to take the very first techniques and initiate your healthy way of living physical fitness schedule nowadays. The rewards will probably be your own property for life and also the people you understand are sure to see the variation with your appearance and mindset.


  1. You look amazing Mikey! I want you to be my physical trainer! Thanks for being vry generous with your expertise!

  2. Please tell me why I'm watching your video even though I've been out of the gym with a foot injury for 6 weeks already 😂. It's like workout porn! Lmao! Soon…soon… 😖

  3. Going for 3 rounds tomorrow with 1/4 mile treadmill sprint in between round 1 and 2. Hope I survive it!!! Thanks for all the great workouts!!!

  4. OMG seriously is anybody out there doing this workout two or even three times more 😳😳😳? I love it but after one round I'm happy that I've survived 😄😄😄😍💪🏽💪🏽 Thanks Mike , hard work but always fun 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. Damn it…I do the same exact movement minus then steps up board already killing me! Why are you so hard core!? Uggghhhhhh

  6. wow! I think I survived, but if I don't come back perhaps I didn't! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  7. Mike can u do the wifi dance in your next video.I was at home for once and thought its a good time to do the step videos.Than wifi messed up.Mannnnn i try again tomorrow

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