10 Best Tai Chi Moves for Beginners – 14 Minute Daily Taiji Routine.
These are my favorite 10 Tai Chi Chuan Movements for Tai Chi warmup, tai chi cool down, practicing tai chi in nature, and overall health and wellness! Tai ji quan is known for it’s health benefits as well as a Martial Arts self defense system. This is a great video for Tai Chi Chuan Beginners and also for Advanced Tai Ji Students! Practice your Tai Chi Chuan at home or practice your Tai Ji Quan in one of the 5 areas – Mountain Top, Forest, River, Ocean, or Waterfall. This video was shot in The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. https://youtu.be/6w7IS8_UzHM

Here are the Tai Chi posture names of the Moves in this video:

Tai Chi Posture #1: Rising and Sinking
Tai Chi Posture #2: Buddha Asks Heaven for Forgiveness
Tai Chi Posture #3: Dong Hai Chuan Serves the Tea
Tai Chi Posture #4: Crane Spreads it’s Wings
Tai Chi Posture #5: Withdraw and Push
Tai Chi Posture #6: Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
Tai Chi Posture #7: Part the Wild Horse’s Mane
Tai Chi Posture #8: Repulse the Monkey
Tai Chi Posture #9: Reel the Silk and Single Whip
Tai Chi Posture #10: Standing Holding Ball

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Music for this video is “Thunderbird” by Kevin MacLeod http://www.Incompetech.com

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  1. Love it.. I have taken classes of Tai Chi. but this Tai Chi is as exceptional as it can be. The environment, the music, and the sequence. All that make it exclusived. It's a easy Tai Chi, and a beautiful way to describe what Tai Chi is. It's a way of saying, It is a reality bending between nature and the above. All trough Tai Chi. Thank you…

  2. Thanks. For teaching. All of us who wants. To. Learn tai chi or. Kung. Fu. It has been. Long time. I done. Anything. Before. YouTube. Came. Along. I. Don't. Have any karate. Or kung fu. Places. To go too. To practice. Only. Seattle Washington. I. Live in. Olalla. Washington. Their is. Not much. Around here. Also I'm in. The woods its quite. Here to. I. Might have too buy some of your DVDs. Later on. Thanks. Again

  3. I just discovered Jake Mace video series and while I enjoy his series, I absolutely cannot believe that he is encouraging people to actually go out into nature and stand in rivers with running water. They could easily get swept away. He's creating a huge liability for himself, not to mention all the individuals who will actually try this and get seriously hurt or worse, end up killing themselves. Jake Mace, please reconsider pulling this video!

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