12 Minute Kettlebell Workout For Faster Fat Loss
In this video Coach MANdler shares a high intensity 12 minute kettlebell workout routine that will help you burn fat fast!

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~The Workout~
a) Kettlebell Snatch (5 sets : 5 reps / arm)
b) Kettlebell Thruster (5 sets : 5 reps / arm)
c) Kettlebell Goblet Squat (5 sets : 5 reps)
d) Single Arm Swing (5 sets : 5 reps / arm)

These Ideas Will Get You in Shape

A lot of people assume that they are fully aware all they need to understand about maintaining them selves in top condition, but you could learn something totally new that can strike your fitness schedule up a degree or two. The powerful suggestions found in this post will help you accomplish that, commencing today.

You will get into your very best physical form once you do around it is possible to to help keep your physique moving. A good coverage would be to usually hands-provide mail that has been brought to you erroneously. If the tackle is close to you, take time to take action great, and improve your fitness.

For that reason, these guidelines demonstrate that getting back fit is just not as difficult since you may believe. It merely requires time, determination, job, and persistence. These are typically significant attributes not merely for hitting the gym, however for existence also. If you can be successful at raising a child, getting committed, as well as your job, there is absolutely no reason the reason why you can’t be successful with the fitness goals. So just go and practice it!


  1. what weight kettle bell should I use? I use dumbbells 3 times a week which are 18kg each. should I get a 20 or 20kg kettle bell?

  2. This is my new morning workout. 3 days a week. Thanks bro. BTW love the t-shirt. Hopefully I can decrease this Memorial Day Gut…

  3. Absolutely love your Brickshit house vids and fat loss training.In the process of becoming a Firefighter and want to be a beast thats lean and has better recovery times. Your tips have helped big time and I thank you dude!

  4. Can u make a vid on workout recovery, i just saw in the description of ur channel that u give recovery advice and i thought that was interesting cuz my lifts are going down and i wonder if its something i'm doing during my time off.
    My lifts:
    A few weeks ago: Now:
    Bench 305. 290
    Squat 425. 390
    Dead lift 430. Same

  5. I wonder y the kettle bell workout vid got so many views so quick, i never see those things used in my gym. I guess its just one of those things people like in theory but always forget to do. unfortunately.

  6. I do stuff like this, but I time each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest a minute. Pretty damn effective.

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