Burn calories without jumping with this low-impact cardio workout. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this workout will have you working up a sweat.

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How to Get Into Better Shape

Fantastic health and fitness is an essential part of your healthful life-style. Keeping a workout routine will help you to feel a lot more energetic in all of your other activities. There are numerous fantastic ways to integrate health and fitness to your life-style. Determine what really works, and commence experiencing more youthful and lively these days.

Established objectives. Having some thing you’re operating toward helps make the exercise worthwhile. Whether you want to fit into a dress, have a marathon or look great at a reunion, placing objectives allows you to visit a gentle at the end of the exercise tunnel and allows you to focus on that goal.

By using these recommendations, you should be able to start working out every week. Monitor simply how much bodyweight you get rid of if you require some thing to motivate you. You ought to visit a distinction in how you look at your self: maybe you can even get new clothing and make new friends due to your assurance.


  1. This is my new favourite workout! I am doing it 2 months after I had my baby to start getting back into working out (I have been working out before I got pregnant) and it is just what I needed to move all my body and not get too tired and still feel I have done the job!

    P.S. Anna, you are my favourite trainer! I love your energy and I always love your workouts!

  2. Omg love your personality!!!! And of course your work out video I was sweating a lot. You have a new follower. Thank you 😍😉

  3. Hi Anna… Thanks for nice workout…. I lost my 6kg post pregnancy weight because of your workout videos…. Thanks you

  4. This workout kicked my butt, but in a good way haha! Coming from a lady who hates lunges, but I completed the video just fine. Thanks for the workout!

  5. Hi Anna, I do your workouts (low impact). I am 65yrs old and want to know whether you made a video for this age group. If you haven't, then could you……pretty please!!!! I live in NZ and have exercised, in a fashion, most of my life so a morning video for us would be amazing.

  6. This workout was so great! I wasn't able to get in my normal 40-minute barre routine today and so I did this just before bedtime:) Glad you have some lower intensity workouts that can be done after a long day!

  7. I'm sweating rn, i feel i dit a great job knowing that i just recently got back to working out! Super grrat, gonna do that everyday before breakfast with some other abs/legs/belly exercises! thanks! 😉 I need to get toned!

  8. will be trying this out tomorrow! I've been looking for a low impact cardio workout especially since ive done some damage to my body doing workout challenges and i definitely need to take is easy for a while. Thank you!

  9. I love your workout I am trying to get to a full hour to do most of your videos. I want to get rid of these pregnancy belly. Working out 5 times a week now. You definately make me sweat a lot I think it's a good sign! Thanks for sharing it to us! I hope I can keep this up! greetz from Belgium!

  10. First workout I've done in ages and I'm pooped. It's awesome that I can do this at home in just 15 mins. Thanks so much for this!

  11. thank you very much for your workouts 🙂 started with 10 minutes for 2 weeks, now starting this one 🙂
    great moves, great energy, Anna Rendener you are very positive 🙂


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