Join me today guys for this 15 Minute Low Impact Home HIIT Workout. No equipment needed as we are just using our bodyweight for this one.

I see a lot of comments from you guys and get a lot of messages also from people who love the home fat burning HIIT workouts.

But also a good few who struggle with some of the more intense or high impact exercises like jumping lunges or jumping squats for example.

Whether this is from injuries or you’re just not at the fitness level to do them yet, I am always getting asked for alternatives

So what I thought I would do for this home workout is give you a great fat burning HIIT workout but make it low impact for all the exercises so that absolutely anyone can enjoy and give it a go

Workouts like this are perfect as they are short , sharp and no equipment needed. So no reason or excuses you can’t crank this out before or after work

We will be hitting 8 exercises in total and doing 4 rounds. Each exercise we will do for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest and so on

So what are you waiting for? Grab a drink , a little space at home and let’s smash this 🙂

As always let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment in the comments section and if you enjoyed the workout be sure to drop us a like on the video. Much appreciated

Till the next one

Train Like The Gods

Great Ideas for a Fitness Program

Excellent exercise is an integral part of the healthier way of living. Maintaining a workout routine will assist you to truly feel more lively in all your other stuff. There are numerous amazing techniques to combine exercise in your way of living. Determine what matches your needs, and begin sensing younger and dynamic right now.

Bring your buddies to physical exercise along. A terrific way to help make your exercise schedule more pleasurable, and fulfilling, would be to have your pals join you inside it. You can expect to soon discover that hitting the gym within a group of people is a straightforward method to continue to keep each other encouraged and shifting.

While we said in the beginning, knowledge is really what will assist you to make your appropriate options. Misunderstandings and beliefs about physical fitness and health makes it simple for just shrug it away and state that you can’t get it done. If this article has demonstrated you anything, with a little luck it is that becoming suit isn’t as tough as you may thought it was.


  1. Great video. I've been searching for a hitt workout like this as my lower back and knees are hurting me. This is perfect and doesn't require jumping around which plays havoc on my knees and back. I'm gonna do this tomorrow! 😄😉👍

  2. Think this workout is perfect for me! suffer with shin splints so I've been struggling to find a way to keep the pressure of my legs, and still get a full body work out!

    Class Grant!

  3. hey man, keep uploading bro. I like your videos they are so amazing I do all the weight loss workouts

  4. You Should Had My Bro Graham In The Background. Another Great Video Grant. Take Care My Friend xx

  5. Keep up the amazing videos! You're videos help many people accomplish their goals and dreams! And I know for sure they help me alot! Have an amazing day! And stay motivated! Love And Peace 😊✌

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