2000 STEPS with WALK + RUN Workout with Intervals *** Need to squeeze in some more STEPS today? Let’s go! We’re WALKING and RUNNING (or jogging, or brisk walking – it’s up to you!) 2000 steps in just about 15 minutes. Using manageable 30-second intervals to walk and run, we’re burning about 150 calories and covering just about one mile.

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BEGINNER (Level One)


Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
16 minutes

Why you’re going to ❤ this workout:
Well, I love it because it’s running and running is awesome.

Where this fits into your routine:
CARDIO day, baby!

Who can do this workout safely and well:
This one is meant for beginners with relatively short intervals and lots of gentle encouragement.

Calories Burned:
Cardio is where the calories are burned, so somewhere around 100 – 150 calories (this number depends on your weight and intensity).

⌛ Timer is set for intervals of 30 seconds.

High Knees
Booty Kickers

MAIN WORKOUT (repeat intervals with no rest for approximately 14 minutes):
Walk + Run

Complete the last running interval at your best pace

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Start Working Out Today: Here’s How

Fitness is all about not just running around or seeking the portion. To be able to have appropriate health and fitness, your whole body should truly feel in addition to seems like. This suggest that ravenous yourself or getting hazardous health supplements will not be becoming helpful to your health and fitness, in any way. Thus, needs to be prevented in exchange for these tips instead.

Studies show that by working out at a average price for roughly an hour, you could be keeping a healthier excess weight as well as lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease and also other problems. Modest exercising is not only going to the health club, but it may be average housework, sprinting for 20-a half-hour, as well as jogging at the very least 4-5 a long way. Find what meets your needs.

As a result, these tips reveal that getting back healthy will not be as difficult since you may think. All it takes is some time, commitment, job, and patience. These are significant attributes not just for working out, however, for existence too. Whenever you can be successful at raising a child, becoming hitched, and at your task, then there is no reason the reasons you can’t be successful with your workout goals. So just go and undertake it!


  1. Hi Paula! First of all, THANK YOU FOR THIS CHANNEL! I'm 26 and have had 6 knee surgeries and I've been extremely limited in terms of working out. Also, I've gained 15-20lbs since my knees got really bad. I'm wondering what you would suggest if I'm trying to lose weight first, while making sure I'm strengthening those leg/hip muscles to keep my knees nice and strong! Again, thank you so much. You are an angel!

  2. I have done this video twice now in addition to my HIIT on my stationary recumbant bike. Is doing this walk/jog combo okay to do on a rebounder?

  3. Pahla! I did this one today like you suggested and it was super challenge. I then…. mistakenly think I could take on something else and did the 10 minute progressive fun. I didn't know it was basically just several intervals of running but I made it thru and lived to tell the story. 🙂

  4. THIS IS ABSOLTELY AMAZING!!! I wish I found your workouts earlier- so glad I was able to find them now! You are amazing

  5. I loved this! I have taken your advice and held off the running too often. I did your 5k video on Sunday then have been walking and doing yoga since. I then did this today after a really rubbish day (general election here in the UK so feeling very agitated about the political situation). I felt so rubbish I binged my way off the sugar-free wagon – not clever. But I've ended the day feeling strong and proud so thank you.
    Also, I was surprised at how much I could put into that final 30 seconds of running. It felt as though it was getting easier as the time passed, not harder which is what usually happens when I (try to) run. Why is that?

  6. Your video has made it on my todo list 30min before bed can you make more stepping videos? Thanks!!!

  7. Wow!! This is my second time working out with you and my first run/walk, You made it fun but challenging. I went to the end. Thanks again.

  8. You made one mile fun…thanks! This completes my week 2/14…with a couple of substituions, like this video. Following my wrist cues. Loved this! Grateful PS: How does one best NOT get those shin issues? Is it related to form?

  9. Nice! I did another instructor's 2 mile walk, then added this one on. I liked hearing how you were challenged when you started your 'for real' fitness journey. Thank you Pahla for having so many great videos to choose from, and making it so much more accessible for one to choose a workout of the day!

  10. So glad I found you. I have been using your 5k walk as my morning exercise. Keep up the good work! /everything you do is much appreciated.

  11. Exactly what I was looking for. I am still a little to big (33 bmi) to run outside, so I can train till I am ready to go outside. And it is all here, running, stretching, strength… Your are so funny, motivating and loving… thank you very much for charing your skills….Greetings from Germany

  12. Did this one loved it! Gonna do it every morning! It's amazing and I cannot believe that was a mile, normally after jogging/walking a mile I'm in pain but weirdly not today.

  13. Wow did this morning. Brilliant, I normally don't run for anyone but I loved this one. You really do inspire me. Thank you.

  14. I did running/sprinting intervals indoors with this one! Loved it! Can't wait to take it outside!

  15. I'm on vacation and not in an apartment so I'm actually able to do this and I love it! unfortunately when I go back home I won't be able to 😢

  16. U should featere your own new channel on the featered channels list.Any idea when u going to upload I hope u do videos in the friday fit minute style too.

  17. Im gonna try to start jogging on the treadmill.Now that im spending a lot of time helping my friend at the gym I might as wel challenge myselff to learn something new.I walk already on a faster pace and I always walk with a decline.

  18. its tru when u see the light and u start doing it than it feels different.And its usually not a a complete change but its that extra step.

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