21 Bodyweight Squat Exercise Variations

1. Basic Squat (0:32)
2. Toe Squat (0:42)
3. Sumo Squat (0:54)
4. Squat to Squat Jump (1:06)
5. Squat Jumps (1:21)
6. Staggered Stance Squats (1:33)
7. Pulse Squats (1:46)
8. Snowboard Hops (2:04)
9. In and Out Squat Jumps (2:15)
10. Adductor Squat Jump (2:30)
11. 80/20 Squat Jumps (2:45)
12. Roll to Squat (2:57)
13. Lateral Squat Jumps (3:17)
14. Elevator Squats (3:30)
15. Squat Holds (3:43)
16. Wall Sit (3:41)
17. Calf Raise Squats (4:04)
18. Squat Rocks (4:22)
19. Narrow Stance Squats (4:34)
20. Squat To Bench (4:45)
21. Single Leg Squat To Bench (4:55)

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Finding Fitness With These Ideas

Fitness is vital for all. Having proper fitness is crucial for dwelling a long wholesome life essentially without any sickness and physical problems. Though, a lot of people believe experiencing proper fitness is actually difficult, it really isn’t. The fitness suggestions in the following article will help you come to be suit.

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As mentioned prior to at the beginning of your write-up, fitness is vital, mainly because it makes certain a long wholesome life with little to no worry of sickness or problems. Having proper fitness is just not as hard as folks believe that, along with the suggestions identified in this post, everyone can be suit.


  1. Hi ! I'm a French female ! The video lasts 5m, I think this video is composed of several cuts ! Can you practise all theses exercices in once time ? Your work is so great !

  2. osm videos. i love ur channel . can u make a video for sprinter legs workout. please mam. m from india . nd i show ur videos in ma stadium . they all love too ..

  3. You make really great videos that focus on functional exercises that cooperate core and full motion of all muscle groups which is necessary before adding muscle also to make good gains and prevent injuries due to lack of muscle engagement. Good job! No, I'm not an expert, just a person that understands the importance of fundamentals.

  4. Great variation, and good technique. I'll be able to change my overused routine. I'm a bloke and hopefully I can do the standing on toes..

  5. Your videos are well organized and edited, and have useful content right from the very beginning, all the way to the end.

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