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Hey, everybody out there. This is Coach Dan Long with Get Lean in 12. And as you can see, man, I am sweating my butt off right now on a Stairmaster at the gym. And I figured, you know what? No better time than to do a live video with you right now to explain to you what I’m doing.

This is called threshold intervals. Now if you’re not aware of what a threshold interval is, you’re missing out big time. Threshold intervals can really help you achieve the goals, especially shredding belly fat, all right? So if you can spare– and I may have to slow this down a little bit so you can understand me here– but if you can spare 12 minutes per week to look better, feel better, have more energy and achieve a leaner and healthier body, would you do it? Would you do it?

This sweat that you see– this is all from threshold intervals, which is powerful. It’s a powerful thing, and I want to share with you today. So in today’s short video, I’m going to show you exactly what a 12-minute threshold interval workout looks like that is specifically designed for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to optimize hormones for a leaner and healthier body. All right, is that you? If that’s you, I want you to listen up.

Let me introduce you to three metabolic zones that are protocols customized to your exact age category right in the system that you’ll find in the text around this video. But don’t click yet. Once we’re done, you can click that link and you can find the exact protocols of what I’m talking about today.

OK, so zone 1– that’s the priming zone. In this zone, the entire purpose of zone 1 is to stabilize blood sugar and flatline my body’s hormones to help me lose fat before using zone 2. Wow, let me catch my breath. This allows fat to be stored much quicker as energy source while putting my body in the perfect hormonal state to help me drop belly fat faster.

Now zone 2 is what I’m doing right now– is the release zone. Now that my body’s primed to burn off stubborn fat, it’s time to enter zone 2, which is comprised of two different types of exercise– protocols specifically designed to release massive amounts of hormones into the bloodstream that help lose belly fat faster.

The first one is called metabolic bursting. I think you might’ve seen that on one of my other videos– 20 seconds of high-intensity burst, 10 seconds of rest. Then there’s threshold intervals, which is what I’m doing right now– 60-second bursts of high-intensity exercise, which is what I’m showing you today. As you can tell, it’s working. I mean, have you seen this much sweat in the last week? If not, you need to get in threshold intervals. They’re amazing.

So this is the biggest crucial missed secret to maximize your cardio session on– it could be a StairMaster. It could be an elliptical. It could be a treadmill. It could be stairs at home. It could be any type of cardio session that you want to implement interval thresholds into. It’s very powerful.

Now last one is zone 3– the burn. The burn now– with that burn, the third and final step is to burn off permanently, removing stubborn fat cells I have that I just released by using zone number 2.

Now if you’re on the same thing as I am and you’re doing these exercises, you’ll feel the burn. We call this the free fatty acid finisher. And although it’s completely optional– hold on, let me catch my breath here– I recommend that you use if time permits because the finishes are amazing.

Each protocol is specifically designed to feed off each other for rapid results and continuous progress. So that’s zone 1, prime. Zone 2, release. And zone 3, the burn.

I want to thank you for being here with me today, sweating. I hope you join me on one of these workouts in the future. I have a lot of passion for helping people, and one of my loves is to see you achieve greatness. I want you to be the best you. I want you to stay amazing. And the only way that’s going to happen is for you and I to be on the same page. And that’s why I do these videos– specifically to help you around the world be able to achieve greatness.

Oh, and by the way, my partners, Shaun and Karen– wait till you see on that page that you’re going to click on that link above– wait till you see their story. It is absolutely inspiring. It is one of the most amazing stories that anyone can personally share from the heart that’s all real.

Again, thank you for being with me here today. Thank you for watching, and keep going strong.

Some Very Nice Advice For Obtaining In shape This Current Year

Getting into form doesn’t need to suggest hours and hours of grueling workouts in the club. This information will protect a number of techniques that can help you get in shape at home or in the club.

Do not get into the “only ab crunches” mentality. It makes no difference just how much you exercise your abs muscles. If the rest of you is out of form, you will not be able to have that washboard stomach you are hoping for. Use complete workouts to slender your self lower then concentrate on the pieces you need.

Make sure to enhance your key once you exercise. It is actually great for your entire body once you do this particular training. If you do sit down ups, be sure to don’t use machines where by your feet are attached since this can seriously hurt your lumbar region. Instead, consider utilising a stableness club to your ab crunches.

Mentioned previously just before at first of your write-up, physical fitness is vital, because it makes certain a lengthy healthy lifestyle with virtually no get worried of condition or disorders. Possessing proper physical fitness is not as challenging as individuals think, and with the suggestions discovered in the following paragraphs, anybody can be suit.


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