I am challenging myself to 30 minutes a day on the stair master for the next 30 days! Want to join me?! tag me in your posts and use #30for30WithZele!
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Follow These Steps to Greater Fitness

Most individuals who have been involved in exercise for any length of time say they hope there have been some things they recognized before they started. This is why this article gathered a number of the best exercise techniques for both newbies and intermediate exercise buffs. These guidelines may be used by people for any level of ability.

While you are jogging up a mountain, an excellent hint is to maintain your brain on top of your vision concentrated on top of the mountain. Doing this will start your air passages greater than hunching the body forward. Once your air passages are open, your respiration is enhanced, that makes it quicker to operate within the mountain.

As you can tell, simply being in shape is not difficult to merge into your routine. Just take the 1st steps and begin your healthy way of life exercise timetable nowadays. The advantages will probably be your own property for life and also the people you already know are guaranteed to spot the distinction inside your visual appeal and perspective.


  1. I'm trying to lose 15 pounds by my bday (September 12). I think that this will definitely help. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Zele…you will TOTALLY break you lowest scale number soon, especially since you're doing the 30Day Step challenge. Go get it!!

  3. Congrats on how you're feeling and how your hard work is reflected on your weigh-in! So exciting! I finally broke the cycle too, just three more pounds left to be at the weight I was in a year ago 🙂

  4. Awesome! Don't you just love progress?? I walk and I've fallen off the walking wagon for almost a month. But I have been eating good. My goal is 150. I started at 197 in Feb. By April I was at 187 and plateaud since. A few weeks ago I found myself at 186. Yesterday I was 183! Eating lean and getting your good fats is so important! I want to be 150 by August 2018. Once I reach that I'm going to start strength training. Love you vids, wish I lived where you are I'd love to collab! Take care, love from Nova Scotia 💜

  5. I enjoy your video keep at this weight loss journey Amen don't give up on this weight loss journey Amen we got this weight loss journey beat

  6. Great video. Love your money management/tracking advice too! I feel you with the period problems. I'm counting down the days to menopause! 😜

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