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30 Mins Dance Fitness Workout for weight loss #1| Giảm mỡ bụng với bài tập nhảy 30 phút mỗi ngày

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“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” – Carol Welch
I believes that people can empower themselves through exercise to be able to live a healthy and highly functional life, they just need someone showing and support them to reach their goalthats why I am here to do my mission !!!

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Ideas for Staying in Shape

Physical fitness need to an important part of anyone’s daily life. It will miracles for you, maintaining it fit and healthy, and supplying you with far more vitality. Yet many individuals find it hard to get some exercise regularly with their hectic plan. This article includes valuable, simple recommendations that you should learn to exercising proficiently in a tiny amount of time.

Should your exercise function associated with preference is biking or cycling on a fixed cycling, goal a range from 80 and 110 revolutions each and every minute (RPMs). Around this price, you will recognize that you can actually journey for prolonged time periods and are more unlikely to experience muscle strain and tiredness.

Start or remaining by using a exercise and fitness system can seem to be demanding, but maintaining in shape will assist you to not just in appearance the best, but to sense the best as well. Following the health and fitness recommendations talked about previously mentioned will help make it simpler that you should satisfy your objectives.


  1. This is the best dance workout i've found on youtube! Real fun! Keep it girl! <3 I wanna practise this regulalry, so I've got a question… How many times a week should I practise? A big smile from Poland ;)))))))

  2. i had do this..and i sweating like crazy hahaa.. how much calories that will burn after this exercise.. i really need to know huhuhu

  3. i really loved the routine !! it is awesome easy to follow and makes dance !! keep the hard work :* :*

  4. I really can't follow the other steps so I just do the Warm up twice 😂 works for me coz I'm sweating so much.

  5. Love this workout – 65 years of age and can manage most of it without any problems. Been using this workout for over a month now and can really feel the results.

  6. Thank you, all the other zumba instructors in youtube change the angel al the time and i get so confused. You are the best and i sweat my ass of every time lol

  7. this is the BEST fitness workout!!!!!! I was able to do it all, even tho m a beginner!! loved the music!!!! loves the steps!! and music with a warm down: amaaaaazing idea!!!! i thouroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!! everything was so perfect including the gests you made when we had to switch steps!! perfect and bravo!!

  8. 13 minutes and I'm dead. Just like everyone else in the comment section, I love this video compared to other zumba videos on yt. And the calorie meter on the side is so cute!

  9. Michelle you are my new hero! And not just because you are beautiful, have an awesome dressing sense and are so supremely talented, but because you are so brilliant that not only did you bypass the barrier of language, you also managed to command an effective workout session with just your expressions. You are truly a blessed child! Lots of love, your big fan from India.

  10. Immediately after unsuccessfully trying a number of different eating plans, I had just about given up. I simply never received any significant results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) ended up to be the plan for me. Inside only one week, seven days, I lost 5 pounds.

  11. You are so entertaining and superb too. I am following your dance workout past 2-3 days and I am sweating a lot. Thank you so much. Love from India

  12. I just discovered your video recently and I got hooked instantly, love your videos Michelle!!! I am now one of your avid follower..thanks for making videos like this.

  13. I had not heard of the diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) until eventually my mate gave so remarkably about it when they lost pretty much 12 pounds. I actually googled “sowo amazing plan” and so should you.

  14. I didnt notice it was already over LOL. First time I enjoyed working out and sweating. Thanks for the video 😊👍

  15. I didnt notice it was already over LOL. First time I enjoyed working out and sweating. Thanks for the video 😊👍

  16. Thank you!!!! This was  much easier to follow than almost every video I've tried. I think it was also because you didn't move extremely fast after doing most of the moves. There are so many videos where I literally can't move my legs as fast as them(even at full energy) and I think that makes it much harder to follow a workout.

  17. hello! i've been using this video since july 1 for my daily dance workout & Im really loving it though I dont know the songs… but can I make a request? hope u will make a despacito dance workout or zumba. please??? thanks! God bless u more.

  18. I wish I had run into the “fizy unique plan” years ago while i was dieting for my wedding. I actually would`ve lost 13 pounds years ago. Look for Google to discover more about this for on your own.

  19. This is fantastic! Great video and your moves are really good! I started doing this a few days ago, I feel great and I think my legs slimed down a little bit! Hope this will help me lose some weight as I have really ugly legs lol, and keep going. Cheers

  20. I just completed this workout (#day1 of trying to get back fit). I'm so excited that I came across your channel. Before this I wasn't a zumba fan but thanks to you I am now!! Thank you so much for the videos!!

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