This 30 minute video works the entire body to strengthen and tone your muscles and burn fat and calories using only the TRX suspension straps.

Fitness Tips for a Healthy Body

A physically fit body is vital to health and energy. In addition to excellent nutrition, healthful exercising is instrumental for some time and accomplished lifestyle. Training is useful for the muscles, heart and imagination. This article beneath contains a lot of advice on establishing and looking after a suit body.

You should really press on your own when you are working out if you wish to get the most from your health and fitness regimen. A lot of people need to employ personal coaches simply because they lack the push to motivate themselves to press as hard as they possibly can. If you cannot motivate on your own, you may want to work with a fitness instructor.

Mentioned previously initially with this report, maintaining your exercise and fitness while you grow older is essential to dwelling a long healthful lifestyle. Bones be more brittle while you grow older, which makes it tougher to recoup from traumas. Use the recommendations using this report to help you take care of your health and fitness as you become more aged, and and also hardwearing . bone healthful and powerful.


  1. hey great videos, could you type the workout in the video description so if we want to just do the workout without the video prompts we can? that would be great!

  2. can I see some muscle by doing only trx. I am recovering from back injury and can't do any high impact workouts. I am really frustrated seeing my body lose muscle and gain fat.

  3. Amy, I just want to send you love and hugs for being my personal trainer during the last three months 🙂 I started working with TRX, no workout experience before this, except walking, and I'm doing great, getting better and better, and love 'hosting' you in my room every morning! So, thanks again my dear, I just enjoy and have fun working with you 🙂

  4. Hi Amy!!  This is my favorite TRX workout of yours, so far!  I'm sweating after the first 8 minutes and completely beat by the time we get down on the mat—but I keep on going, even with the sweat dripping in my eyes!! LOVE IT!!  I'm trying to lose a total of 18# (that I gained over a 3 year period), and you have helped me lose 9# so far, since January!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Your motivation is wonderful!!  XOXO-Shari

  5. You have a great presentation. The workouts are great and your disposition is very inviting. I really enjoy your TRX workouts.

  6. Thank you so much for another awesome workout Amy! I love that you are back at it after a c-section! You are amazing 🙂

  7. Amy top workout i love it. U make me fit for the next bicycle season. I do your workout 3 times the week. Keep on Amy its so excited.

  8. Enjoyed your video. I own a TRX Pro. Pink straps? Who knew? My wife will want a model with the pink straps—because of the pink color and because she's a breast cancer survivor.

  9. Just discovered your videos. I love them! They are so much better than a lot of the exercise videos I was doing before. Thanks!!!

  10. Thanks for the great workout, Amy. I love TRX and any advanced workouts would be great. I really like the ab work at the end.

  11. I have been working out with your videos with my daughter who found you on YouTube !! I love your videos. Can you make a video on foods you eat daily to stay fitted? Breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas? Even homemade healthy snacks??? The nutritional part is so important to maintain the workouts. 💜

  12. Love your videos!

    You inspired me to start my own youtube channel.. which is focused on fitness as well!
    Keep rocking!

  13. I always love the hawww sound you make… or sing that's when you know sh** just got real. lol. Thanks for the workouts. I don't have this equipment but I love all your workouts.

  14. Awesome workout, thanks. Any chance you can mention in your next videos about when to inhale/exhale during each movement? 🙂

  15. Another great workout Amy. Your 30 min ones and the Pilates are my favorite..Congratulations on your baby. Trust me, I didn't have a c section and your ab workouts rock my gut into shape! Thanks for all you do…and any guys that are skipping past this because you think "she" can't be tough…you have another thought coming! 👏👍👍

  16. What is your opinion on Garcinia Cambogia? I'm very skeptical to take diet supplements because of the side effects and horror stories you hear about gaining twice the amount of weight back when you go off of them. I have reached a plateau and want a healthy way to kickstart.

  17. These workouts are fantastic because I travel for work and bring my trx with me and follow along while at the hotel. Hope your little one is doing great. Thank you for the great workout.

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