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[Est. Calories Burned: 190-402]

Always consult with a physician before beginning this or any other workout routine.

Equipment Needed:
Kettlebell or Single Dumbbell

Workout Breakdown:

Warm-up — 00:55

01 — Bullet Lunges — 03:25
02 — Side Lunge Switch — 04:05
03 — ISO Snatch Lunge — 05:05
04 — Hop Over Burpees — 06:05
05 — Clean & Press — 07:05
06 — Push-up Thrusts — 08:05
07 — 180 Tri-Switches — 09:05
08 — F2B Stack Squats — 10:05
09 — Lawnmower Press — 11:05
10 — Alt KB Swings — 12:05
11 — Twerk Walks — 13:05
12 — KB Handle Push-ups — 14:05
13 — KB Press Burpees — 15:05
14 — Curtsy Crosses — 16:05
15 — 180 Row Squats — 17:05
16 — Rev Lunge Swings — 18:05
17 — Lawnmowers — 19:05
18 — ISO KB Push-ups — 20:05
19 — ISO Lunge Press — 21:05
20 — Back Rows — 22:05
21 — Elevator Squats — 23:05
22 — Needle Threaders — 24:05
23 — S2S Shuffle Press — 25:05
24 — Reverse Calves — 26:05
25 — Diamond Snatch — 27:05

Stretch — 28:08

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The Very Best Fitness Tips and Tricks

It is actually time and energy to take your way of life in your hands and wrists and make a move concerning your weight. Weight loss plans take time and effort and might not actually job. The best thing to complete is workout, plus a normally far healthier way of living. You could lose fat and be much more at simple with the entire body. Here are some tips that will assist.

Bicycle riding is a wonderful past time for a lot of us citizens. After they imagine riding cycles, they believe of fantastic memories from childhood. Biking a bicycle can even be a wonderful exercise for any mature trying to lose weight. You will job up a sweating during a bike journey, and be able to drop many calorie consumption-all while enjoying yourself.

Something you have to do is ensure that you figure out all areas of the body. You do not require to work out all areas of the body daily, but alternatively have got a routine of doing different things and a number of the same exercises daily. It is very important figure out all areas of the body with various exercise routines.

As a result, receiving and keeping suit does not have to be the unreachable pinnacle in your own life. It’s only a matter of accumulating vigor by undertaking anything you love, a task which get your heart rate up and you can do a minimum of a few times per week. A routine such as that might not cause you to into an Olympic celebrity, but it really can present you with a wholesome entire body, keep your weight down, thus making you feel good about on your own.


  1. Way too fast and hectic. At this speed you could injure yourself easily. Make less and longer exersices, exclude warmup and cool down and dont do this ballet jumps than it would be a great workout.

  2. Millionaire Hoy love your trainings especially the ones with kettle bell <3 thank you for amazing training!!! Kate from Ireland xxx

  3. A kettle bell workout without all the lunges would be nice…Legs be burnt out before I can even get in to the workout good…

  4. Great quick workout. Some of the moves were very challenging, looking forward to more of your workouts!

  5. Thankyou for making this kettlebell workout! I've been trying to substitute kettlebells for dumbbells in other workouts because I don't have any dumbbells at home 😛 Haven't sweat this much in so long!

  6. Awesome video, one of my first times working out with my new kettlebell. Thank you! I am happy to be a Patreon supporter! Very grateful for your videos and energy.

  7. You are the only person I've found so far on YouTube that sweats and breaths for real while working out.

  8. Last week I finished beginner's and started this workout and couldn't finish it. I just finished it. What an awesome workout! Feeling good. Thank you!

  9. Your. Workouts are great fun n…. Challenging even for advanced ! Keep challenging us all.. Love from Kuwait !

  10. Mil! This video was dope, got a good work out in. Can you please make more kettle bell workout vids?! This was crazy. I got a real good challenge from this one! Keep up the good work fam!

  11. Hi MilHoy, enjoyed this one, a nice switch of equipment and exercises. Hope the push for donations gets some good results, it would be terrible to lose this wonderful channel after all you have brought to us.

  12. HIIT the like button for this awesome workout. I doesn't realize that my 8kg kattlebell feels damn heavy with your workout. after down with fever for 3 days , this workout boost my energy! feels awesome! BIG Love from Malaysia!!! Thanks Hoy!

  13. I am a huge fan of kettlebells man!! Definitely enjoyed this video and will incorporate these movements into my training regimen. You da man!

  14. FIST BUMP ! I thought this wasn't gon be much of a struggle cause i dont have a kettlebell so i used one of my dumbbells instead but behold! the sweat streaming down ma face ! hahaha

  15. just 30 min and my kettlebell was only 15 lbs but wow it still kicked my ass! another nice one Mr. Hoy!

  16. Mann! I owe you soooo much! I lost 35 KGS in 1 and half year! I've been following you since 2015 and didn't Miss a day! I suggested your channel to all my freinds and we regularly do all your workouts!
    thanks all alot!! love you! 😘😂

  17. Loving you so much!! Your workouts are getting me IN TO SHAPE!!! I joined you on Patreon. Thank you so much for all that you do!!!

  18. This was a great workout. So glad I was able to use a dumbbell. My heart ate stayed between 145-180. Amazing!

  19. I KILLED IT!!!! I pushed myself and used the 15lb kettlebell….pushed myself to do the push-ups off my knees (except one push-up move I did modify) and I am surprised at my own strength!!!!

  20. Hi Millionaire hoy, first it off let me start off by thanking you. You motive me to push harder, I love working out, but my issue is my mid section. I know you have a lot of abs workout out there. I really would like to see workout that target the waist and the back fat. I really want to tune up my waist. Thanks

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