30 Minute PILATES for STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY *** You voted for it, and here it is: a 30 minute PILATES workout for BEGINNERS! Bodyweight STRETCHING and CORE STRENGTH exercises put together in a relaxing flow style. Build long, lean muscles and increase your flexibility with this gentle yet invigorating workout. (full workout breakdown below)

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BEGINNER (Level 2)


Under 30 minutes

Warm Up and Cool Down:

Calories Burned:
Approximately 100 – 150

Workout Set Up:
Somewhere between 5-10 reps of each exercise (I honestly wasn’t even counting!)

Walk Out to Pilates Push Up
Roll Downs
Single Leg Plank to Pikes
Thigh Stretch
Kneeling Side Kicks
Mermaid Stretch
Single Leg Stretch (Criss Cross)
The Hundred

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  1. I love doing the exercises pilate to hard for my hip replacements and knee surgery, I skip the stuff I cant do and do something else , I do what I can do with out stressing my replacements.

  2. I was feeling lazy today so I did this workout today and it was just what I needed. Something not too hard but still work. Now I can tick my box for the day and say I did it 🙂

  3. omg  I can not believe I did the whole work out cause I don't like pilates  cause is hard for me lol but I really in join this video and it was hard and I did it I m so happy thanks you Alicia  and thank you for always making great video to all your you tube  god bless

  4. Pahla, you need to have make a part 2 of this really GREAT "workout" !!! Please put it on your to-do-list on No.1> making such another pilates workout for us!!! So GOOD ! There is no stress & only calm feelings in the body and just good thoughts in the mind after doing this. I will call this the Pahla-in-slow-motion-workout 😉 Thank you!

  5. Loved it! Great way to get myself back into working out. The music was also great in relieving stress from the day. Thanks!

  6. outside it's rainy day…I think this is the best workout for me today …thanks for sharing with us …Sandra Italy

  7. Hi there! I would love to see an all standing (no floor…no pushups) workout. Thanks for always responding to emails. I appreciate it and love your channel.

  8. I missed the fact that there was no warmup. (The thumbnail says so, but you didn't explicitly say so in the intro, or point to a link for a warmup). So, diving straight into plank pushups? NO. Never works for my body. Too bad 🙁

  9. Thank you Alicia and Pahla.. i love pilates but have not dobe it in months. Now i realize my shoulders are so tense and i need pilates back into my life. lol

  10. This was a little too advanced for me. But I did as much as a could of each exercise. I loved the relaxed pace, concentration on breathing, and the nice full body relax at the end. This was very yoga like feeling. And a felt I got a good strength workout! Thank you!

  11. thanks Pahla.. I ran this morning and did this tonight.. Worked out so good for me.. I needed it ..

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