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The push up challenge! …to see what results it would have on my chest growth. I started off being able to do about 25-30 in a row. Just a challenge I wanted to try alongside my normal training.
I continued my normal gym routine while doing this challenge (except the chest days weren’t very productive considering all the push ups!)
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Helpful Fitness Tips to Get Into Shape

Fitness is about more than simply walking around or seeking the part. So that you can have appropriate exercise, your whole body must sense in addition to it seems. This mean that ravenous oneself or using harmful nutritional supplements is not really becoming beneficial to your exercise, in any way. As a result, should be avoided to acquire these guidelines rather.

Carrying out sit ups or crunches can be a great way to create ones abdominal exercise. Rest ups can be accomplished with out any special devices merely a smooth location to workout on. Also there are different types of sit ups you can do in order to job various parts of their primary. Rest ups can improve ones exercise.

Though being fit and lifestyle a wholesome lifestyles can be tough, they could sometimes also be exciting. Put some of the hints you learn about in this article to great use in your exercise program. Make exercise as much of a every day to-do as showering and laundry. If you drive to workout more challenging and much more frequently, you will realize much better outcomes.


  1. James O'Hanlon, You have very good posture and so many people will give up Form over Correct Execution of the exercise. To make those push ups come easier and build a better physic what you need to add is Dips for the Triceps and assorted shoulder work either dumb bell or barbell but always the proper form. And when you ready add elevated push ups use a foot stool to start and increase as you feel your strength build. Good luck and enjoy your youth it goes way to fast.

  2. our body need rest, especially muscles after work out. How its posible to get recover so fast? 300 push up is insane.

  3. You just inspired my ass 17 245 6ft just did 125 got a bigass headache 185 more to go fuck dude

  4. funny how people in the military who are in fairly good shape do around 70+ push ups in two minutes and 80+ situps in two minutes. yet they dont have a physique.

  5. I don't know man. It looks like it made you much bigger in an awesome way. Your deltoids are awesome. Your lats are much bigger and give you a very good "V". You have visible striation on your chest which is also much bigger. Your arm are visibly bigger too.

    Your before picture looks like a 99 pound weakling compared to your after picture.

    Also, it looks like it reconfigured your abdomin to be less diagonal and more horizontal.

    From an aesthetic point of view- in the post picture your forearms seem a bit too big and the one abdomenol muscle on your left side looks odd the way it goes all the way to your ribs.

    anyway- fun video- left a like.

  6. dayum! It would need to be 150-200 for me 😀 , because I can probably do 22xPush ups max! in one go on a good day, and afterwards I'm spent for at least an hour so ye :/

  7. is this 100 to 300 push ups in a row? explain to me how a beginner can achieve that in 30 days

  8. I use to do the same thing.. I use to do 300 a day 100 in the morning 100 in the evening 100 at night.. I had a big improvement.. I did this ten years ago

  9. I am a little confused, based solely on you physique you should easily do 100 push ups straight. I started at 300 a day after 2 weeks went to 600 a day and before joining the ARMY I was clearing 100 push ups in 2min. 1 week out from heading to reception me and my work out partner finished my last day of prep for ARMY basic by having some fun we each did 2 power hours. That's 600 push ups an hour and did them back to back. so yeah we did 1200 push ups in 2 hours then decided to see who would give up first we broke 1500 push ups total that day before my friend dropped out.

    I say all this because even doing all that I still didn't have the body you have but I was still strong as fuck at 5"10' 190lbs.

  10. You did 300 pushups for 30 days and had that transformation? My friend, it is impossible to build that amount of muscle in such short time unless you're on roids. That picture is a lie. Muscle can never ever build that fast. Thats a simple fact.

  11. You would have been more buff and you could've lost more fat if you did the push-ups right, Bring your hands in more and turn them in just a little

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