5 Basic Exercises Everyone Should Know | Wing Chun
Wing Chun martial arts master teaching basic Wing Chun fitness techniques to martial arts students. Wing Chun master teaches students to destroy fat, lose weight and workout, martial arts style. Learn basic fitness techniques to improve cardio, look good and improve Wing Chun. Chinese master teaches real Wing Chun fitness techniques Ip man taught to Bruce Lee. Free real Wing Chun fitness training, get fit to use martial arts against Wing Chun vs Wing Chun, Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing and the street fighter. Master Wong teaches the beginner basic fitness to lose weight, get fit and burn fat.

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Take Your Figure to the Next Level

It can be time and energy to acquire your lifestyle within your hands and wrists and take action about your body weight. Diet plans take time and effort and might not really job. The best thing to do is exercise, together with a generally much healthier way of living. You could shed weight and grow far more at effortless with your body. Here are some ideas that will assist.

Cycle riding is a marvellous past time for most americans. Once they imagine riding cycles, they think of great recollections from youth. Cycling a bicycle can also be an awesome exercise for any grownup trying to lose weight. You may job up a sweat while on a bicycle journey, and be able to shed a lot of energy-all when having fun.

Beginning or keeping using a physical fitness program can appear demanding, but retaining match will allow you to not just in seem the best, but to truly feel the best also. Pursuing the exercise recommendations discussed earlier mentioned can help make it easier so that you can fulfill your goals.


  1. master wong i send a friend request ,yu didnt answer.i wanted to ask you something eles too.are you always bold or you save your hair??

  2. I like that routine master Wong,will that help if you get knocked on your arse to get up quickly off floor & fight back,got any more? well done bin Laden your tough man!

  3. Master Wong I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart you are a true inspiration!!!! I'll keep watching your videos even after we met, so I hope I could be as better as you!! In this world we need more strong people, leaders that guide well!!!! Also the bullies at my school made me think of defending myself like this, and doing calisthenics!!!! If I ever train with you it would be an honor!!!

  4. what to do if u dont know how to fight and dont kno proper technique and someone wants to fight you?!?!?!

  5. Master Wong thanks a lot for all your training lessons but can you please upload some butterfly knife training videos for me on youtube

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