Hey guys, in this video i’m going to be showing you guys a little bit of what i’ve been doing for my heavy leg day compound workouts. Not all exercises are shown but i will list them all down below incase you want to give the full workout A go! I also got a request a while ago to talk about how you can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously so I decided to sit down and talk about that as well! I will leave a couple time stamps down below as this video is quite lengthy lol. But hope you guys enjoy, let me know If there’s anything else you’d like to see

3:15 – Workout begins
11:50 – 5 Tips on building muscle + burning fat!

Workout Breakdown:
– Quick roll out + stretch *not shown

– Glute Activation: (2-3 exercises)

– Banded kneeling hip thrusts (3×25)
– Seated Banded Abductors (3×60)

– Heavy Barbell Hip Thrusts (8×10)
– Bulgarian Split Squats (3×10)
– Kick-backs (4×12)
– Dumbbell Deadlifts (4×12) *not shown
– Sumo Pulse Squats (4×10) *not shown
– Banded side-raises (4×12) *not shown

– Quick roll out + Stretch
– ^ this full workout typically takes me approx. 1 hr + 30 mins – 2 hrs. I also take minimal rest periods between the sets, (30 seconds-1 min max)

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Use These Solutions to Get the Body You Want

Exercise is essential for anyone. Experiencing suitable fitness is vital for dwelling an extensive healthier daily life virtually free of condition and actual physical conditions. Even though, many people consider possessing suitable fitness is tough, it really isn’t. The fitness ideas in this article can help you become match.

If you are concentrating your workout goals on to your abs, remember they need to relax. You will not do them any favors with daily workout routines. You should reduce your stomach training to 3 days a week. You should by no means do greater than 4 times of stomach training in one week.

Mentioned previously prior to initially from the write-up, fitness is essential, because it assures an extensive healthier daily life with virtually no worry of condition or conditions. Experiencing suitable fitness is not as tough as people believe that, and also the ideas located in this post, you can now be match.


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