This 8-minute winning warmup routine will supercharge your core, hips, shoulders and back and ready you for race day, and your next workout!

Each activity in this video is carefully selected to engage all muscles and is progressed seamlessly from hands-and-knees to standing. (hyperlinks below to each activity)

Oftentimes rowers warm up with a quick jog and a few strokes on the erg. But what they’re missing is this 3D warmup secret.

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0:11 Cat/Cow
0:33 Cat/Cow with Arm & Leg Reach
1:05 Bird Dog Wave
1:40 Chest Sweeps
2:13 Hip Diagonals
2:44 Serratus Pressups in Modified Front Plank
3:07 Side Plank with Hip Touch
3:26 Prone Plank with Alternating Leg Extension
3:42 1/2 Kneeling Diagonal Chops
4:23 Multi-Directional Hip Opening Lunges
4:50 Multi-Directional Alternating Lunges with Overhead Reach
5:19 Downward Dog Squats
5:43 Airplane Walk
6:19 Balance to Deep Lateral Lunge with Reach
6:58 Marching Knee Hug on Toes
7:18 High Kicks to Opposite Hand

Whip Your Body Into Shape With These Tips

A physically fit system is key to health and stamina. In addition to great diet, healthier exercising is important for a and accomplished lifestyle. Hitting the gym will work for the muscles, center and thoughts. The content below includes many advice on creating and maintaining a fit system.

If you change the way you generally contain the bodyweight pub when table pushing, decrease the total amount you are pushing by ten percent. Simply a easy traction modify means you will certainly be worrying diverse muscles and important joints than you will be generally employed to, which may lead to accidents. The weight lower can help prevent these accidents from happening.

Even if this write-up might make it sound straightforward, the most crucial part is energy and perseverence. Hitting the gym can be entertaining and straightforward, but it additionally demands persistent energy to achieve any effects. So, switch off the TV and obtain off the sofa, check out the health club, and commence doing exercises.


  1. Thanks for watching and trying out the high-performance warmup routine! Try it out and tell me what you think… what's your favorite exercise? Do you have any of your own that I should include in my warmup???

  2. Logger Crew alumnus Greg Spooner, DPT, CAFS has put together a fantastic rowing warmup routine. Check it out!

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