Hey guys this video will really help you get ABS and a FLAT BELLY! These workouts target STUBBORN LOWER BELLY FAT and really help to make your stomach TONED! I hope you like it!


Advice to Follow to Get Fit

It really is time for you to acquire your lifestyle in your fingers and take steps regarding your weight. Diets take time and effort and may also not even operate. A good thing to perform is physical exercise, in addition to a generally more healthy way of living. You could potentially shed weight and be far more at easy together with your system. Here are some tips that will assist.

If you need a level tummy, not just in case you do ab crunches, but you have to include in cardio exercise. Kickboxing is a good cardio exercise workout, which can help sculpt your midsection. These powerful kicks give your stomach muscles an incredible workout. Tae kwon do can be another fantastic cardio exercise stomach workout.

All those are simply some of the ways to understanding and sustain the concept of correct physical fitness. Exercise the talked about techniques no less than thrice per week and initiate a regular regimen if you want to remain along with your body’s look. There is nothing more significant than retaining the body healthy and fit.


  1. How old are you?I read allot of comments saying you where like 16 but you look like you are more in your early 20s. I was just curious. Great video by the way, I have been doing it for about 4 months 3 times a week and I see a big difference.

  2. To anyone who is waiting for someone to update them, take it from me. I can assure you that this workout works!! I did this workout consistently over the summer for about 2-3 weeks(eating healthy of course) and man can I just say…my flabs turned into abs! ABS! It was glorious. I stopped and I started again 4 days ago adding 200 crunches every night:) So far my muffin top (lower belly fat) has gone do a bit, but it's progress!! This workout is really worth it, so get off your lazy bum and take a step into a new chapter in your life man! (p.s. thank you Gabriella for possibly changing my life♥)

  3. So I’m going to Mexico in a little over a month and I’m going to start eating right and doing her workouts along with Vicky Justiz’s workouts. I’ll update at the end of every week to let you all know how it’s going and how to get the best results 😄😝

  4. I've only been doing this for 2 days, and I feel much better. ALSO I can see my abs coming thru. Thank you so much Gabriella!!
    I'll try 2 update (if I don't forget 🙂 )

  5. ive been doing this workout, her intense leg workout, slim waist workout, arm workout, & booty workout for almost a week and i feel like i look even fatter than before..? does anyone know why this is ?

  6. How do not fall on your back when doing these lower belly fat exercises?? I have arthritis in my left shoulder so I am weak in both arms. Can you help??


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