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In this video I discuss the many types of anchors available to kayakers and the pros/cons of each. Not all anchors are equal. Most kayakers buy the same anchor despite the very different areas in which they paddle. Get the right anchor for the right area. This will result in better anchoring performance. In this video I also go over preventing losing your anchor. Lots of tips and products discussed in this video. I also briefly discuss some DIY anchor setups.

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  1. I have the folding anchor or should I say I HAD it.. it got cought on something I could feel it. it would come up about half way and that was it.. believe me I tried my hardest to break that damn zip tie and that shit was hard I had to cut the rope.. it wasn't a big zip tie it was kind of small I'm just not sure what happened.

  2. Good Video! I use a danforth type anchor since I usually anchor in sandy bottom off the beach. I think it weighs 1.5 lbs. It works fairly well for the few occasions I want to anchor. I may set up an anchor trolley on my new kayak this summer. we'll see.

  3. Just wanted to mention that you had your folding claw anchor set up wrong in your video. You're supposed to tie on at the bottom and use a zip tie at the top in case it gets stuck. Just like the Bruce-claw anchor. I know you mentioned it when you were talking about the Bruce-claw but twice you showed the folding anchor tied on incorrectly. Thanks for doing the video!

  4. Use the folder (1.5 lbs) I fish small lakes so I don't need the holding power you do. I also have a complete boat anchor trolley with a level lock for affixing. Good job!

  5. For me I don't anchor any more. Although I'm not kayak fishing any more, I do use a drift sock, often called a seas anchor. I built a pirogue back in 2008. That's like a swamp kayak/canoe.

  6. Some folks asked if you can still use some chain paired with the various anchors. I never do, but if you feel you need it you can still use the trick shown in video to prevent anchor loss. The purpose of chain is to keep the anchor tilted to dig in, fight pulling from boats, and to fight abrasions from rock. It is a bit different dynamic in kayaks since forces are lower. I just inspect my line frequently and never have lost an anchor since following tips in video. I don't see a need for chain attached to anchor when kayaking. I can't say I have seen any kayakers use it either on their anchors.

  7. I tried to get my wife to put on these concrete shoes that I made for her but she wouldn't do it I am not sure why lol 😂

  8. Would you be able to do a video on tips for safely anchoring in current? I fish a medium size river in the spring for walleyes. It has moderately quick current and is usually packed with boats speeding by pretty constantly so I have to take their wake into consideration as well. What are the best and safest ways to go about doing this?

  9. I use the blue plastic Cooper Anchor with 1meter (3ft) of chain sheathed with a bicycle tube . Quietest solution IMO . 50 meters of 6mm rope with carabiner on large hand -reel . Wrapped up in my drift chute for storage in crate or well.

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