At Home Walking Workout that burns fat and tones you up all over, this fun workout video is great for every fitness level and is suitable as a beginners workout but also you can chose each move and if you want to work a little harder you follow the workouts on the right of the screen – so this is why it suits everyone. This real time exercise video takes just over 20 minutes and not only are you going to be burning off body fat but you will be increasing your fitness and health. So grab those trainers and you will also need a broom for todays session, so let’s get started. Lucy xx

Get In Shape With These Excellent Tips

Preserving great exercise and fitness is a crucial part of a healthier lifestyle retaining fit can help you are living longer, look younger, and feel great. Memorizing extended physical exercise textbooks or attempting to comply with complicated regimens can be daunting, however the valuable pointers in this post will assist you to attain and look after exercise and well being.

Beat boredom by switching up your routine now and then, and incorporate a brand new activity. Keep yourself motivated so you don’t quit your workout program. Update your routine to keep it interesting. If you don’t have any interest and stop, it will be much harder to get back up and try again.

Poor exercise are often very bothersome, although with some work and some persistence, you will get far better at it. It simply takes research and requesting your personal doctor where to start and the way to technique it safely and securely to help you reach your workout goals. Do a favour and check out using the over suggestions to help to improve your workout goals.


  1. Lucy, I love this work out and so easy to follow but you can feel your really toning and sweating too..

  2. hi lucy ,just wondering,is it enough to do just one of the walking workouts ,every day and still see the benefits.

  3. I've been doing Lucy's videos off & on for a couple months and I haven't lost a lot of weight BUT my clothes fit better, I'm sleeping better and when I went on vacation last month I walked around Boston all day and I wasn't exhausted at the end of the day. I haven't been able to work out since I got back 3 weeks ago (hurt my shoulder then a stomach bug) and I did this video this morning and it kicked my butt! Loved it! Thanks Lucy 😉

  4. What a great workout! I especially enjoyed it since we have had bad air quality here in B.C. from all the forest fires in the interior that, like many, I could hardly breathe! I missed the mountain views and you and am glad I was able to work out with you again today. Thank you!

  5. I have bad knees and other injuries/restrictions that have made finding any kind of workout routine extremely difficult for me. This was perfect and I'm so excited to have found it. Please keep making videos these are fabulous. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Although the studio probably looks more professional, I'd really love more of your workouts where the backdrop is nature. Those are always so lovely! <3

  7. So worth getting up and out of bed this morning 👍👍💦💦. Thanks Lucy for asking for our advice and creating this workout. ❤❤❤💯💯

  8. Hi from NZ. You are just amazing. Have definitely seen the difference in my waist and hips. Also across my back. Thanks so much for giving such a choice of videos. I never get sick of doing them and have been doing them nearly everyday since May. Have passed them onto my friends and family. Love love love the walking ones. 🤚🤚🤚🤚👏👏👏👏

  9. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am…
    there are not enough hours in the day for me to write you a million times ~THANK YOU~!!!!
    You're changing my life one day at a time. You are the best!!
    Thank you!!!! Xox from Ohio!

  10. Hi,from trinidad, love your workouts I am 38 I have prsoractic inflamation in my joints, and your workouts have me sweating and heart pumping but easy on my joints,thanks so much god bless.

  11. Loved this workout Lucy! It was fun to use a prop to mix it up and I could feel my abs working like crazy on the rowing move, thanks Lucy!

  12. Such a great workout! Thank you! I used my hogwarts broom and it made everything so much more epic! Haha

  13. hi Lucy, love your vids. do you know any exercises for breast reduction. they don't even make sports bras in my size and it's very frustrating. please and thank you.

  14. hey lucy! thank u so much for your workouts!! i wanted to ask you for advice: how do i get rid of banana rolls under my butt?? thank you so much ❤️

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