Today is all about blasting back fat and how-to shape, cut and tone your back muscles and grow your biceps!

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Exercise | 5 sets
8 Dumbbell row to reverse fly

Superset 1 | 4 sets
12 Dumbbell incline row on bench
12 Dumbbell incline hanging bicep curls

Exercise | 5 sets
10 close grip lat pull down

Superset 2 | 3 sets
8 cable rope bicep curl negatives
15 straight arm lat pull down

Superset 3 | 4 sets
10 lat pulldown on cable cross machine
10 isolated single arm bicep curl at parallel on cable machine

Enjoy a Better Physique With These Ideas for Getting Fit

A fit physique is vital to health insurance and energy. In addition to great nutrition, healthier exercise is important for a long and satisfied lifestyle. Hitting the gym is perfect for the muscles, center and thoughts. This article listed below features numerous tips on establishing and maintaining a in shape physique.

If you decide to participate on the sprinting contest, you must aim to quicken your working rate. You may well be lured to enhance your rate by stretches your front lower leg to pay a better distance. However, the correct develop mandates that your front ft . lands directly below your torso. Utilize your again lower leg and toes to drive ahead and enhance your rate. Take a moment to apply this, plus your rate will progressively grow to be faster.

Starting or staying with a fitness and health program can appear tough, but maintaining in shape will assist you to not just in appear your best, but to sense your best also. Pursuing the health and fitness recommendations discussed above will help make it easier that you can fulfill your goals.


  1. Did this workout yesterday.. and my back and bi's are sore af!! Love it!! ❤️ glad I found your channel 😭💕

  2. Hi I'm your new subbie from India.

    Today I tried this workout and I was told by many trainers in the gym that the incline was set at wrong level.

    Can u pls tell me at what level high should the incline go to coz I was unsure as to I'm doing right it wrong during the bicep curl and the back workout as well on incline itself.

  3. I can never finish a workout no matter how hard I push myself. I only get half way through the second super set and I'm dead 😵 idk what to do!

  4. I like how ya boyf takes laps around you its like he's fending off all the other guys and letting them know you're his bae

  5. Hey, I need some advice. I plan on working out 4 consecutive days out of the week, because that is when I have time and access to go to the gym. I want to workout my whole body, so how should I divide up those 4 days to workout?

  6. Can you do another dumbbell only back and bicep work out?! You rock whit!!!! Such an inspiration!!!!!!

  7. Lol, I love how your now boyfriend is in the background like la la la la that's not my.girl… "yet"😂😂

  8. Can't wait to try this workout for tonight btw I'm excited! 😇 ilysm whit you stay killing it! 😍😍

  9. Girl so I was looking through your videos to find myself a new workout for my biceps and I see Stefen comes out in that video which was 7 months ago & is now your bae what! Lol Dreams do come truuuu!! 😭😭🙌🏼

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