This yoga class introduces you to a variety of balancing postures – on the floor, on your feet and on your hands! You might feel challenged in new ways but practice the class with an open mind and sense of adventure. You might want to learn about some of these postures and work toward them in your yoga practice. Or you might find yourself balancing on your toes, head or hands for the first time in a long time!

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Arvada, Colorado

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If you believe you’re as well out of shape to workout, reconsider. Try out carrying out a system such as the 100 Press Ups or 200 Sit down Ups system. They’re designed to serve each and every person’s level of fitness. They start out small and progressively, increase the job till you’re capable of full the greatest target.

Even if this report could make it noise simple, the most crucial part is work and perseverence. Working out might be enjoyable and simple, additionally it requires consistent work to accomplish any outcomes. So, shut down the TV and acquire from the sofa, proceed to the health and fitness center, and initiate exercising.


  1. thank you so much for this! i'm also a long-time yoga teacher but sometimes find myself wanting to have someone else tell me what to do, or give me ideas for specific classes 🙂 i have done a good number of your videos, and have found them lovely — easy to follow and motivational; i also appreciate the diversity of audiences you're reaching with different lengths and styles — and helping me get over my "yoga with weights ain't yoga" attitude — it's been fun! and: kudos for turning yourself around so in this video, the first side is facing us! (I almost commented a few weeks ago to suggest that!)

  2. oooooh loved this class today, so much fun, my hand stands are improving well my kick ups are becoming more controlled and I practice these in the gym after my weight sessions. I could do it all day. Thank you kindly xxx

  3. Erin, thank you very much for this wonderful class! I love yoga balances- they calm the mind and balance the body! I can't wait to practice with you again! Namaste🙏😊

  4. Great little practice, loved the step by step instructions, gave me the confidence to go for the head and arm stands, not perfect yet but it certainly helped me get there. Thanks Erin !!

  5. so good to get back to basics in such a beautiful space and with you so generously sharing all! thank you!

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