Retro bike paradise is the Bangkok Bicycle Market. For more info

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Better Fitness Results With These Helpful Tips

Everyone knows keeping yourself in shape is important, particularly with obesity rates in the usa soaring rapidly. Want to work out, but don’t have any very good concepts? There are many methods to work towards your personal health and fitness, which article identifies some best ways to have some fun while working out and keeping yourself healthier.

As you era, your muscles turn out to be significantly less accommodating and you will definitely, as a result, need to hold your stretches lengthier well before doing exercises. In case you are 40 or younger, hold every stretch out for about thirty seconds. In case you are over the age of 40, you will need to stretch out for around one minute to loosen your muscles.

Very poor health and fitness can be very bothersome, however with some operate plus some determination, you can get better at it. It really usually takes investigation and asking your doctor what you can do and how to approach it safely and securely so that you can get to your workout goals. Do a love and try making use of the earlier mentioned ideas to assist in improving your workout goals.


  1. awesome video durian rider brought back so many memories 🚲🚲👏and that cad with the Star and stripes fucking brilliant

  2. awesome video durian rider brought back so many memories 🚲🚲👏and that cad with the Star and stripes fucking brilliant

  3. What a cool video that was. Fascinating seeing so many different things….and the prices! That Cannondale was less then $1k US. Very cool, more of these types please.

  4. That's not a flea market. That's a museum! Those red white and blue tires! There's shit there I've never even seen. And I've seen it all.

  5. Thanks Durian for the heads up on the bike market! Glad the organizers decided on the first weekend of every month, it will be easier to plan a return trip around next year! Much love man

  6. i feel like all this shit was stolen in western countries, like where i live in montreal we get our bikes stolen everyday and they get shipped away from city to all over the world

  7. I see you bought the hi vis Kask protone, I hope a review is following?

    You realise it will be technically illegal to ride with it in Australia, due to our silly compliance laws, A Australian Standard sticker must be adhered to the inside, because our testing in Australian is slightly different, and part of the compliance is to have a valid AS sticker attached to the inside of the helmet. Maybe you could steam one of another helmet if you end up liking it better than your others.

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