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Ideas to Tone Up Your Body

Many individuals think that they are aware all they need to learn about retaining their selves in good shape, but you can understand a new challenge that can kick your exercise schedule up a degree or two. The effective tips discovered in this post may help you achieve that, starting these days.

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These are only a number of the ways to understand and maintain the concept of suitable exercise. Training the described strategies at least three times per week and start a normal schedule in order to continue to be along with your body’s appearance. There is nothing more essential than retaining the body fit and healthy.


  1. Good job my love, I have done almost the same 15 years ago and now I going back to ten fifteen kilos.

  2. sadly i came from a bulimia past.. i first tried raw till 4 … it didn´t work, than i went to potato cleanse.. it didn´t work… i was vegan for over a year, than i came back to meat (but no dairy) and until today, i haven´t lost one gram. i track my food, i workout four times a week… i literally could cry everyday when i see myself in the mirrow, cause nothing seems to work on me…. what is wrong with me? i was at several doctors, tested my blood, if there might be something what holds my weight loss back, but i´m healthy and everything is really fine….

  3. I must eat a lot because I can cook and I eat what she is showing in the video but I'm not really losing weight.

  4. I'm at 230 right now just had a baby a year ago that nearly killed me and I'm really interested in the but with two kids and only one parent working I can't afford it maybe when she comes down on the prices so I won't have to do my own research

  5. THIS IS FUCKING INSAAAAAANNNNEEEEE I thought you were like my age?! Around 23-25? Dang girl. You look fricken amazing

  6. I thought you lost weigh from intermittent fasting–according to another one of your videos.

  7. I have a question, my thighs are huge, and my upper thighs and butt have a lot of cellulite, I'm starting my fit journey and wondering if once I tone up if that will go away, or is there something else I need on top of what im doing?

  8. To the kids who's parents only eat fast food or won't buy healthy: talk to a counselor or teacher at school about what's going on. Not being well feed is abuse and you deserve healthy food no matter how rich or poor you might be.

  9. Wow, congratulations on getting to where you wanted to be in your long journey! Not only your body looks good but I noticed your facial expressions are much brighter and also you look whole heap younger than before. I am happy for you

  10. do not go on a carb diet if you want to lose weight. Do stop drinking doing drugs and start exercising which actually made her lose weight

  11. I love your story!! I don't agree that every "body" can lose weight with a specific style of diet, but I am thrilled for you!! Your healthiness and happiness radiates. Great job!

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