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Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine

A 25 minute yoga flow to increase flexibility and reduce pain, stiffness and tight muscles. This is a full body flexibility routine to open the hips and create a flexible pain-free spine. This yoga flow is effective for all levels, tone and tighten!

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine

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  1. I love these yoga stretches …. I do daily exercises but I,m def… gonna try an do these every day as well
    Thanku for sharin

  2. That could have possibly been a nice after workout stretch routine, but I gave up halfway, because too much chatter, and I lost interest.

  3. Namaste, Sanela! Thank you so so much! I have injuries on both knees, having problems reaching my toes while bended, but with this video, for the very first time, in 20 years, I finally reached my toes again (today's the fourth day im doing your stretches). Much appreciation to you, my dear. I'm in tears now, couldn't believe that my knees would permit me to do such stretchings. Thank you thank you, my never ending gratitude!!! 🙏🏽❤️😘🤗 Om Shanti!

  4. DEAR LORD i know it's yoga and all but we did this on 1.5 and still are unable to fathom how slow it was — speed it up a little lady for the love of god

  5. Her voice is divine, perfect for yoga, relaxation and promoting calmness and wellbeing. And such a lovely nature and smile. I really enjoyed this. I love the yoga pants too!

  6. Honestly you are a beautiful soul. i searched so many vids on here … yours by far top quality! Thank you 💚

  7. wow i really like that woman she is so great 😀 i like to do yoga with her 🙂 thumbs up she is perfect

  8. Your link for your series on Amazon is not working under the video; Can I get a working link please or the full name of your video series as it is listed on Amazon. I do love your yoga pants too…very nice; would love to have a pair like them. Thank your for this video; as it is very, very loving as I slowly get back into my yoga practice as a grandma!

  9. Sanela I am a nurse and have 20 years of walking the floors. My toes are very painfuI when doing the plank or any postures with weight on the toes. What do u suggest. A podiatrist days I have arthritis on my right big toe.

  10. I love this. i am just beginning yoga and I love it. I feel so relaxed and calm. So thank you so much. cant wait for another video. And How much do I suppose to do yoga a day?

  11. I can't even sit like that without falling on my back u.u I mean, my legs aren't flexible enough to cross that way and, if I do, can't be in a right posture, I stay up holding my feet
    Any advice? Should I kill myself?

  12. Great yoga video for beginners. I really enjoyed it and thanks to my doctor for recommending it . Look forward to your other yoga YouTube video. Thank you.

  13. Very nice moves but I found my self, what do I do next? you talk to much in the middle of the exercise…

  14. Sanela is born to teach yoga! I loved doing this video and listening to everything your soft voice was saying! :') <3

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