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Bench Press Plateau? 10 Tips For A Bigger Bench

Tip #1: Have realistic expectations

The first thing to ask yourself is if you’re TRULY in a bench press plateau to begin with.

Building significant bench press strength takes time and patience and is accomplished in baby steps. For example, adding just 1 pound to either side of the bar per week would still produce over 100 pounds gained over the course of a year.

Take a look at your workout logs and if the numbers are consistently increasing (even 1 extra rep with the same weight is still good progress) then you’re probably on the right track and may not need to change anything at all.

Tip #2: Prioritize

Whichever exercise is performed first in your workout is the one that will experience the fastest strength and muscle gains.

If your bench press has hit a strength plateau but your other lifts are improving, make sure to position the barbell bench press as the first exercise in your workout.

Tip #3: Improve your technique

Remember that bench pressing is a SKILL, and it must be learned and improved on if you want to gain strength as effectively a possible.

Often times fixing a bench press plateau is a matter of fixing your bench press form.

You can find plenty of detailed bench press tutorials online that can guide you through all of the proper form cues needed to optimize the lift.

Tip #4: Bench more often

Bench press stuck? Often the simplest solution is to just increase your bench press frequency and/or volume.

If you’re currently benching just once a week, increase it to twice a week or even three times per week. If you’re currently doing 3 sets of bench press per chest workout, up that to 4 or 5 sets.

Tip #5: Include accessory lifts

The bench press exercise is a compound movement involving the pecs, shoulders and triceps, and if you have a weak link in there somewhere, a bench press plateau can often result.

If you tend to get stuck at the bottom of the bench press, then your pecs or shoulders need to be strengthened. In this case you can use a dumbbell press, paused bench press and/or overhead press to assist you.

If it’s the upper half of the lift where you tend to get stuck, your triceps need more work. Try using a close grip bench press, board press/pin press and/or tricep extensions in this case.

Tip #6: Bump up your calories

A bench press plateau (or any strength plateau in general) can often just be the result of you needing to add more overall mass to your frame.

If you want a bigger bench press, just becoming bigger in general is often the answer.

Adding 100-200 calories on top of your current intake might be all you need if your bench press is not increasing at the moment.

Tip #7: Do a weight acclimation warmup

This will prime your muscles and nervous system prior to your bench press workout for optimal strength output.

Here’s a warmup template you can follow where the % given is in relation to the weight you’ll use on your first heavy bench press set:

Set #1: 40% x 8 reps
Set #2: 55% x 5 reps
Set #3: 70% x 3 reps
Set #4: 85% x 2 reps
Set #5: 100% x 1 rep

Tip #8: Lower your rep range

If your bench press reps have been primarily landing around the 8+ range, try decreasing that to about 4-6 per set.

Lower reps will build more raw strength and could give you the extra boost needed to break through your bench press plateau.

Tip #9: Increase your rest time

Shorter rest times are fine for smaller less demanding isolation lifts, but if want a bigger bench press and the numbers aren’t budging, try resting for longer in between sets with periods of around 3-4 minutes or more.

Tip #10: Microload

If you’re not able to crank out any additional reps with your current bench press weight but increasing the load by 5 pounds feels too heavy, try microloading instead with a 1.25 pound plate on each side or even less.

Microplates can be purchased online or locally and can help you land in that middle “sweet spot” needed to achieve further bench press progression.

Apply these 10 bench press tips to your chest workouts and you should be back on the road to a bigger, stronger bench press in no time.

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How to Start a Fitness Program

Inadequate health and fitness can badly impact you, each bodily and sentimentally. You have to do plenty of your research so that you don’t significantly harm yourself training. There are several suggestions listed below to help you start out with a workout program that will work for you as well as your goals.

Possess a relax time in-among education periods. The entire body by natural means demands relax and over education helps to reduce the final results when visiting the gym daily. Generally bust periods are a time for the muscles fibers to reconnect and kind much stronger connections. Most players recognize that continual exercising will result in intensive exhaustion and also detract using their health and fitness gains.

One thing you must do is make certain you workout all areas of the body. You may not require to work out every area of the body everyday, but instead use a routine of doing different things and several of the very same routines daily. You should workout all areas of the body with various workouts.

Therefore, obtaining and remaining fit does not have to become the unreachable pinnacle in your own life. It’s only a matter of building up strength by undertaking some thing you like, something that will get your heartbeat up and you can do at the very least several times weekly. A schedule like that may not allow you to into an Olympic legend, but it can provide a healthy physique, make your bodyweight straight down, and make you feel good about yourself.


  1. i always PR on bench every time i take a huge dump before chest day. do you know if there is any science behind this sean?

  2. im 23 000 years old and bench 3000 pounds. i am 10 foot 13 and deadlift six military tanks every morning for a warmup. am i weak?

  3. this was indeed amazing! been through a lot of bench plateau clips; This was indeed the most comprehensive n to helpful 🙂

  4. Been stuck at a 205lb max for over a month now, with my body weight of 165lb. Hopefully this helps. Trying to get to the 225lb mark, it's going to happen! Only been working out for 6 months, so still learning. Nice video man!

  5. Great advice. You are a good teacher. I don't do negatives though. I don't recommend them. How much can you bench? I am benching a little over 400lbs. Right now.

  6. Real Talk: Used to skip straight to 30sec on every vid to skip the self-promotion. Glad to see you just threw up the website and get straight into your vids now, Awesome!

  7. Sean quality content as usual! I know this is slightly off topic but is there any form of medication to reduce gyno?

  8. How about gripping the bar tightly? I find that if I do that it allows me more power and control. Great video….can't wait for the next one!

  9. Whenever I start to really control the weight but not quite ready to up the weight, I always fall back to form. Really concentrate on the form for a few weeks then up the weight. Or if I don't feel like I have it that day I'll drop the weight and again really work that form. You are correct. It's a skill.

  10. 1 year 13 days ago since I started losing weight, in 5months lost 85lbs at 15/16 years old and went on a small bulk and cut again now I have 6 pack abs and in the best shape of my life after being obese all my life, can't wait what the next year brings, planing to bulk for 8-10months and cut again for this day next year now I know what I'm doing 🙂

  11. Just tried working on my form like you mentioned and I got my max up 5lbs today. Thank you Sean!
    Proud to be a subscriber!

  12. Say you can get 180lb 3×10, drop the reps to 3×5, you will get instant strength gains, probably you will get it to in few months 200lb or even 225lb if you eat enough and recover well.

  13. Sean, I have a question. A lot of people seem not to put emphasis on this. The vertical line that seperates pecs – is it possible to get it and how? I have been hitting upper chest for 5 months or more, but all in vain. My upper chest grows, but the line doesn't go all the way up.

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