Running has helped me tremendously and I can’t stress that enough. I’ve lost 70+ pounds as a result of this workout. Can u say challenging YES was it worth it YES !!!!!!

Challenge ur too something that u absolutely hate and master challenge and overcome whatever it is. The end results will be worth it watch and see.

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Ash Pointe

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  1. Omg I just got off my treadmill running and this makes me want to run some more, it's just harder right now because I'm on the bigger side at 195 and a lot of pressure on my knees in particular but I do a 20 minute hiit routine 3-5 times a week and eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and I'm hoping to lose weight and get toned like you. Subscribed because this is complete goals.

  2. How much do you run? Do you do a timed run or do you run by like how many miles you do?

  3. It is my first successful diet program. My partner and i only wish that I had come across this diet program a long time ago. Make sure to google “sowo amazing plan”! Of all the diet programs in the world, this one is the best, I lost 6 lbs.

  4. I actually only tried this weight reduction plan after my colleague bragged concerning this. She was able to reduce 17 pounds. Have a look at “sowo amazing plan” on google.

  5. Thank you for inspiring me! I don't want to settle in the weight I am in after 3 kids. I will set myself some goals!

  6. Hi…could you do a video on the best type (in your opinion) of running shoes & it's fit? I've tried running and have now purchased 3 pairs of running shoes that just don't do well for me. I always let the clerk know what I'm looking for and I'm fitted properly (or so I think) but I want a shoe so that when I run my feet aren't sliding back/forth in the shoe. Any running experts out there please let me know! Thanks!

  7. Wow you are so inspiring, thank you so much. I have been trying to run a mile a day just to start but it's been hard to be consistent. I just felt like I wasn't getting results. But you've encouraged me to truly keep pushing so thank you for that 💜💜 And I love your shoes! lol

  8. 🏃🏾 🏃🏾 🏃🏾… starts running lol I hate it but I know it's such a good cardio workout

  9. That was such an awesome inspiring video it was just the inspiration that I needed to get my weight loss journey started

  10. How did u start running. I want to rinse bad but I can't I do the couch to 5k but I can rein for long period of time. Help how do we start?

  11. First I just want to say your awesome love your videos. I wanted to know how long do you usually run?

  12. the intro advertisement to this video was Olive Garden all you can eat entrees…mmm breadsticks and salad. Dammit Olive Garden!

  13. As an advice i see that you strike with your heels, this is more conductive to injury since it makes you apply braking forces and overstride which in layman's terms is hustling backwards. If you transition to a midfoot or forefoot strike it will allow you to not only run with less nagging injuries (which over time means less running) and faster, but you can enjoy the experience more and run more as the body is designed to. Search Newton Running here on YouTube. Also try running without any music or headphones for a while, it's safer and a good way to clear the mind while also taking in more of your ambient surroundings. Stay motivated and stay moving

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