This is a video review of the Hoist Dual Action Smith Machine / Power Rack Combo.

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The debate over free weights vs. machines has been going on for decades, and while there are advantages to both, exercise equipment manufactures are coming up with more unique designs all the time. Literally trying to combine the best of both worlds, and that’s what you’ll find with the…

Hoist Dual Action Smith Machine / Power Rack Combo.

This is a new piece of equipment that we just got at the gym that I train at and I have to say it’s pretty darn cool. It’s one of the most unique machines that I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s a smith machine that not only moves up and down, but also front to back, so it creates a more natural movement pattern when doing your exercises.

In this video I’m going to demonstrate several exercises and do a review discussing the pros as well as the cons of using this machine.

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  1. lee do you have any advise when your shoulder won't stop being active? I don't know if you know what I mean, but from all the isolation shoulder work, whenever I sit at the computer my shoulder can't relax.
    For example, when I hold the mouse, my right shoulder automatically raises up. That's possibly from the front raises and not so much from the lateral and rear delt work, but I'm not sure. Do you have any knowledge and experience with this issue?

  2. I saw one of these way back when from Lee Priest training in his home gym. The beauty of the machine was as soon as he let go of the bar it locked in place. So essentially he could bench safely without a spotter. Unfortunately the one they put in my gym doesn't do that.

  3. Lee thanks for your video's, website, and phone app. It must take a lot of your time staying on top of everything. Question: Is there a place or website you recommend for whey protein (best bang for the buck)? Sorry if you've mentioned before, I've not watch all your video's. For what it's worth, thanks again for all you do! You seem genuine to me👍

  4. hey lee what do you think of my new split.. previously ive tried the traditional bro split, push pull legs, and more, and the problem I had was id be too sore to train the next week and only get to train each body part once every one to two weeks. so ive tailored my own split. Monday: compound exercises (for upper body), Tuesday: Arms, Wednesday: legs, Thursday: rest, Friday: shoulders and back, Saturday and sunday: rest. by doing this I am not to sore to perform my workout the next day. also I have had to cancel my gym membership due to work commitments so all I'm using is dumbbells and bodyweight. eg: pullups, db rows, pushups etc. eventually id like to buy a power cage and some barbells but do you think this is sufficient? and will I make good gains? like I said so far this split works best for me

  5. Seems like a good tool but to be honest I think you could just use a power rack instead… Good video anyways!

  6. These have been around for some years now, starting with the Jones Smith Machine then others followed. It's a shame we don't see them more since they cost just a little more than a regular Smith. Although, we may see them more now after this video.

  7. If you have ever used the Hoist Dual Action Smith Machine / Power Rack please let me know how you like it in the comments below…

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