Want to know how to create your own workout routine to gain muscle and lose belly fat at the same time?

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Hey guys in today’s video I want to go over how you should construct an ultimate workout routine to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So real quick before we start a couple things that you should know right off the bat is one you can’t burn specifically belly fat. I’ve said this a million times. To lose belly fat you’re going to have to burn fat away from your whole body. As it comes off your whole body it’ll come off your belly as well but there’s no way to Target fat burn specifically from the belly or any other specific area. Another thing you should know is that once you’ve been working out for a substantial amount of time and once you’ve already put a decent amount of muscle mass on it’s going to be very hard to add muscle while burning fat at the same time. After your body has already adapted to resistance training if you want to add muscle you’re going to have to create a calorie Surplus. On the other hand anytime that you want to burn fat you have to create a calorie deficit. There is however an exception to this rule. If your a beginner or you haven’t consistently exercised for a year or more or you stopped weight training and are now looking to get back into it there is potentially a good chance for you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

To accomplish this goal it’s very important that you structure your workout and you’re eating accordingly. A traditional weight training plan with moderate to long breaks between sets is not going to help you burn very much fat at all during a workout. On the other hand a cardio-based workout will not help you build muscle mass and without resistance training, cardio alone can even make you lose some muscle mass. So when creating a workout that’s supposed to help us burn fat and build muscle at the same time we have to come up with a routine that incorporates a little bit of both. Now one way to do this would be to do a weight training workout and then immediately follow it up with a cardio workout however this is definitely not the most effective way to go about it mostly because it takes so much longer to accomplish what can be done in much less time. After all I’m assuming the whole reason why you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is because you want the results faster. Which could be a problem in itself but the goal of this video isn’t to change your mindset it’s to provide the most effective muscle building and fat burning workout in the shortest amount of time possible so I’m not going to preach about the importance of patience in this process.

So there are a couple principles that we want to follow 2 come up with most effective workout for burning fat and building muscle fast at the same time. Number one you want to perform pretty much only compound exercises that require you to use multiple joints and multiple muscle groups. An example of a compound multi joint exercise that’s great for fat loss and building muscle is a barbell clean and press. In this exercise we’re using a ton of different joints and muscle groups in the body at the same time. What that’s going to do is 1 you’re going to be able to work on a lot of the muscles that you’re trying to build at the same time. And 2 because of the amount of muscles and joints involved in the movement as long as you pick an appropriately challenging weight your heart rate, your breathing, and the calories that you burn from just one exercise will all shoot up. Compare this to a regular bicep curl. With a regular bicep curl you’re only working on the elbow joint and using a very small bicep muscle. That’s not going to burn very many calories and it’s not going to Target very many muscles in a short time frame. Even a compound exercise like bench press won’t burn anywhere near the amount of calories as any standing multi joint Olympic type of lift. That’s not me saying that you shouldn’t do bench press it’s still a great compound exercise that you should include in your routine when trying to burn fat and build muscle butt I’m just using it to demonstrate a point that generally speaking the more joints and muscles that you recruit in a lift the more calories you’ll be burning during that movement.

So we want to shoot for compound exercises and we want to get as many joints involved in the movement especially if you’re low on time. Another principle you should follow to make your workout routine burn fat and build muscle at the same time is PHA

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It is essential to extend your restricted muscles as opposed to your a lot more accommodating ones. It is because the accommodating muscles are prepared to deal with what ever exercise routine you may stick to, even though the firmer muscles will not be. It is recommended that spent twice as much time in your restricted muscles than your accommodating ones.

Your fitness level is dependent upon the amount of work you place involved with it and the way much you make these options an integral part of your daily life. In the event you place these tips and tricks to great use, you can find yourself experiencing and seeking much better before you know it.


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  3. Some im deployed my workout routine is monday chest tuesday abs and 2 mile run wednesday arms Thursday abs 2 mile run friday legs saturday shoulders and sunday back i eat about on average 263g of protein a day 330g od carbs and no more than 100g of fat daily. My weight is at 168 my goal is 175. What do yall think of my routine?

  4. excellent. is it possible fr me to hit 22% body fat as I am 31% now, n my age is 47, female. I have being doing weight training since 5 years now. my weight is 63 n my height is 5.4 inches. plz guide. thank u

  5. I respect you for the knowledge you give us all. I am a woman in my late forty's who is keen to lose weight, build stamina, feel fit and if possible look good too. Please tell me how should I start my Gym Life? What exercises and which machines should I use and for how many minutes a day? I am in India and we have Treadmill and Cross Trainer (Elliptical) machines here. Please guide me how should I go about If possible make a video for middle aged ladies exercises and Gym machines.

    Thanking you in aniticipation.

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  7. Should we be in a caloric surplus or deficit given the scope of this video and what about the macros and the timing of eating? Thanks

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