Kelly Mortensen, Rebalance Pilates and Yoga’s training managers takes us through her favourite Belly Busting Exercises.

0:21 – Plank and variations – lay on the ground facing down, and come onto your elbows and forearms. To increase difficulty you can go onto your hands.  You can go onto your knees too to make it easier or your toes.  Make sure you keep your body in a straight line.

1:32 – Side Planks and variations – Level 1 – start with elbow under shoulder, bottom knee bent and extend top knee out. Lift hips and wast away from the floor.  Think you are forming a triangle with the floor. Level 2 would be to lift the bottom knee up, and level 3 would be to stack the feet on top of each other.

2.20 – Double Leg Lowers – Lay on your back with legs in the air. Placing hands under tailbone may help maintain lower back support. Extend legs to the ceiling . Lower legs as far down as you can without the lower back starting to lift.  Inhale down, exhale up.

3:10 – Double Leg Stretch – Lay on your back with an imprinted spine.  Curl yourself into a ball with knees in tabletop and crunching up. inhale to extend legs and arms long, and exhale to round your arms around back to your legs.

4:08 – Criss Cross – This works the obliques and waistline.   Lay on your back, Bring fingertips behind ears, elbows out.  Imprinted spine and tabletop position with legs.  Inhale, draw belly into spine, exhale rotate to one side and extend the opposite leg, inhale come back to centre and exhale rotate to the other side.

How Much and How Often?

We recommend structuring a workout around all of these exercises.   You could do each exercise for 30 seconds with no breaks between, or alternatively, do 8-12 reps, rotating between the exercises.  Make it a quick 5 minute workout, or push yourself and keep going until you fatigue!

Perform three times a week to really start to see a tightening in your waistline.

So do this workout at home, and let us know what you think!

Slim Down With These Great Ideas

Keeping very good exercise and fitness is a crucial part of any healthful way of living maintaining in shape will help you are living much longer, look more youthful, and feel better. Memorizing extended exercise textbooks or trying to comply with challenging regimens can be overwhelming, however the useful suggestions on this page can help you attain and maintain health and fitness and much better overall health.

Develop your abs by way of lifeless lifts and squats. These sets of workout routines definitely provide your abdominal muscles with a detailed work out that really places these to operate and creates them up rapidly. An additional benefit to doing these regularly is simply because they also assist in improving your whole body’s position.

These are just several of the strategies to understanding and maintain the very idea of appropriate health and fitness. Process the pointed out strategies at the very least 3 x weekly and begin an ordinary regimen if you wish to continue to be along with your body’s visual appeal. Nothing is more essential than maintaining your whole body fit and healthy.


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