Get shredded like Bruce Lee:

Hey guys, what’s up? Henry here with SPS and today’s workout is dedicated to one of my favorite heroes… The martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee. When you think of Bruce Lee, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is his physique; he was completely shredded from head to toe and a lot of his workouts and training is based on having core strength, and that’s what today’s workout is going to cater to. A lot of our every day movements and exercises revolve around engaging your core – so if you want to have a great midsection, you’ve gotta have good core strength.

So, today’s workout is going to consist of seated twists, dragon flags, hanging leg raises, frog kicks, and then we’ll finish up with side bends. If you’re a beginner, you can start out with 10 reps of each, and for the advanced, you’ll go to 20 or 30 reps.

Today, I’m gonna try to do an advanced version so I can be the best Bruce Lee possible for you guys and have that ripped midsection for you… So I’m gonna do 20 reps of these exercises. If you can do more than 20, though, then by God.. DO it! Be the best Bruce Lee that you can! If you need to take a rest after all 5 exercises, go ahead and take a 1 to 2 minute break. Try to get in about 2 or 3 rounds of these and you should be feeling good – but if you wanna turn it up a notch, then don’t take any rest.

Exercise descriptions:

Seated twist: Sit on the ground with your legs out in front of you, leaning back slightly to where your abs must be slightly contracted. Holding a weight or a medicine ball straight in front of you contract your obliques and abdominals to twist that weight down and to the side, and then bring it back up in the other direction, trying to feel a nice stretch along those muscles. Then repeat, and make sure to get both sides.

Dragon Flags: Lie on a stable bench, with your head near the edge. Reach behind you to hold the bench for stability. Raise your legs into the air together, and then use the slight momentum of them moving upward and straightening out to contract your abs tightly and bring your butt off the bench. While in the air, you should focus on straightening your entire body out into a “flag” position, hence the name “dragon flag.” Then, let your hips and knees fold again to allow your body to come back down without slamming or falling onto the bench. You want to make sure the whole motion is controlled. Make sure to breathe, and when you let your legs come down, keep your abs contracted still, but allow some stretch and eccentric contraction to occur.

Hanging Leg Raises: You’ll need a pull up bar – but if you have trouble hanging, feel free to use ab slings. They hang from the pull up bar and allow you to slide your arms in and negate the need for grip strength to keep you up so instead of your arms getting tired first, we can tire your abs out instead. So – while you’re hanging, you’re just bringing your legs up by contracting your abs. Try and move as rhythmically as possible so that you don’t end up swinging, losing control, and losing your form, but that can take some getting used to. Keep the first few reps slow to keep control of the momentum.

Frog Kicks: Sit in a stable position on the edge of a bench or chair, grabbing the edge to help keep your stability, and lean back while eccentrically contracting your abs. Bring your feet off the floor slightly, with knees comfortably bent, and contract your abs to pull your upper body and legs together simultaneously. Extend the legs back out when you’re returning to the starting position.

Side Bends: Grab a dumbbell, and hold it on one side. Stand up straight, and then lean into the side with the dumbbell, letting gravity pull you down (but keep your posture fairly straight – you should only be moving in the frontal plane.. so not bending backward). Contract the opposite sides obliques to pull you back up to a straight position. Repeat this – letting your obliques stretch out every time you lean into the dumbbell side to get maximum contractions from the most stretched position.

Workout Breakdown:

1:57 – Seated Twists

3:11 – Dragon Flags

5:00 – Hanging Leg Raises

7:13 – Frog Kicks

8:30 – Side Bends (weighted)

Alright guys… That does it for today.. Hopefully Bruce Lee would approve. His workout is tough, and you could make it even more tough by adding more reps and weight… But for now, cater it to yourself and what you’re capable of doing – and then increase the reps and rounds whenever you can. Add this into your normal workout routine to build a strong, ripped core and abs. For more ab workouts, nutrition advice, fat loss tips, and muscle building techniques make sure to check out our programs at


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  1. Bro, you are fit as hell but i could tell that work even takes a toll on you. I will definitely be do this workout.

  2. I think you need to explain in more the details the technique of each exercise – give more cues on how to do it right, what to avoid, how to protect yourself from injury (e.g. back) etc.

  3. If. You don't lift your legs higher then. That on leg raise, I. Can pull up and raise. Same time but like 10 at time

  4. This workout (even tho I only did 3 of the exercises due to lack of equipment) is a sure shot!!! I've never felt my mid section muscles work together so well. The day after I was conscious of muscles I hadn't felt in years!!! And i wasn't even sore 🙂

  5. Bruce Lee was a Beast … the best fighter for the 21st century thats for sure.. maybe he was super human .. unlocker all his charka power like a tibet monk ..

  6. Just because ur Chinese, doesn't mean u can get away with looking away from the camera to cheat. 😂

  7. Is it okay to workout Like this or is it to much? I attend to train abs 2 times a week. Day1: chest, triceps, front shoulder. Day2: back, biceps, back shoulder. Day3: rest. Day 4: shoulder. Day5: chest,back, calves. Day6: legs, arms. Day7: rest.

  8. How can I get in contact with one of y'all I just have some question I'm about to be 16 in a few months and I want to start working out but I want to if its going to stunt my growth I'm 5.8 but I want to be 6 feet tall and idk if I should wait until I'm 6 feet tall or start working out now

  9. Ok I'm 5'7 and weigh around 123 and I'm trying to gain muscle so should I eat a lot more to gain some weight and then turn that into muscle? I mean I'm under weight but I wanna keep my skinny body and not become fat but I also wanna get stronger so idk what to do

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