Full Workout
🍑 Pulse Squats: 4×8-10
🍑 Resistance Band Pull Throughs: 4×10-12
🍑 Dumbbell Deadlift: 4×10 Superset with/ Banded Abductors: Seated 2×20 Standing 2×20
🍑 Hip Thrusts: 4×12

The pictures are left: January 2016 105lbs ( 3 months of intuitive eating while lifting heavy and consistently. Trying to maintain my weight. Success!) And right: October 2016 115lbs (4 months of lifting heavy consistently following Brendan Tietz’s glute focused program and eating more. Trying to grow my glutes. Success!! ) I have noticed a huge change in the shape of my overall glutes and I credit that to hip thrusts. 🙂
Lifting heavy while eating either deficit or maintenence macros won’t make you build a huge amount of muscle. It will create a “toned & lean” figure. If you are trying to build any muscle then lifting heavy while eating in a surplus is the way to go. The more controlled the surplus is the least amount of fat you are likely to gain while in a surplus.

10 week glute focused program: https://youtu.be/kycpsNRC80Y

Song: https://youtu.be/-klyCPk-stk

What You Must Know About A Training Program

Exercise must a significant part of anyone’s lifestyle. It does magic for your health, maintaining it healthy and fit, and giving you far more electricity. Nevertheless lots of people find it hard to exercise regularly within their hectic schedule. This post consists of valuable, easy ideas so that you can learn how to physical exercise efficiently in a tiny bit of time.

Try not to physical exercise when you’re sick. When your body is sick, it’s gonna be getting almost all of it solutions to operate allowing you to healthful once more. If you’re training your whole body won’t have the ability to placed its full solutions towards muscle building. Alternatively, you’ll be using up solutions that could be preventing your disease causing you to be sick much longer.

Even if this article may make it sound easy, the most crucial portion is energy and perseverence. Training can be enjoyable and simple, it also needs persistent energy to attain any final results. So, turn off the television and acquire away from the sofa, visit the health club, and commence training.


  1. How will those Band hip abductors help in building the booty muscle? I want to try them out. but, I have to get bands first, lol. 🙂

  2. Checking in …. that song though something different. ANnd I've never tried hip abductors that way Im always looking for ways to switch it up! And again that song tho …(: #thumbsup

  3. Nice workout, good form on those squats too! Ive been doing hip thrusts my last couple of leg workouts. They are deadly! ahah 🙂

  4. I love that you are so motivated that you are able to do this all at home! because if I'm not in a gym I don't work as hard 😑

  5. great video thank you for sharing it. i workout from home too so it gives me ideas of what to do

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  7. great workout love! loved how this was all done at home. gotta get my own squat rack.

  8. I love your at home gym! So awesome. Cable pull throughs are awkward at the gym people look at you like you have three heads 😂 I totally agree with doing hip thrust they helped me out so much

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