Welcome back babes! If your goal is to blast fat you need to be incorporating at least 15-20 minutes of HIIT into your workout routine. Give this a try and let me know how it goes. Enjoy, xo.

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Round 1
30 sec sprint
30 sec squats/jumping squats
30 sec rest

Round 2
30 sec sprint
30 sec lunges/jumping lunges
30 sec rest

Round 3
30 sec sprint
30 sec curtsy lunges
30 sec rest

Round 4
30 sec sprint
30 sec side-to-side single-leg squats
30 sec rest

6 minutes total. Repeat circuit 2-3 times. xo

Get Fit and in Shape With These Great Ideas

Getting into condition doesn’t ought to suggest hours and hours of grueling exercises in the club. This information will protect several techniques that may help you get in shape at home or in the club.

Turn up the music on your iPod when working out. There is scientific evidence showing that music improves workouts by distracting you from the fatigue that you are feeling. When you are deciding on music to work out to, pick songs that will uplift you and make you want to move. Your body will be naturally inclined to move to the sound of the music. This is an excellent way to ensure that you keep a steady pace throughout your workout. Singing along will help the time pass more quickly.

Design and style your exercise decide to steer clear of injuries. What this means is utilizing good posture and form when exercising, utilizing great equipment, and getting a sleep day time at least once weekly. Replace your sneakers each few hundred or so mls in order to avoid lower body accidents if you plenty of strolling or working.

Staying suit can be difficult up until you get in the habit of exercising, however if you keep it going you will be recognized using a appealing body. Hopefully you have some terrific exercise tips and therefore are keen to utilize these people to the next play the prohibit or journey to a health club.


  1. I really love doing HIIT sprints like this so I was so excited to try this variation out but my gyms treadmills can sense when you're not on it so it would shut off during my rest! Talk about buzz kill 😖😡😤

  2. Hi there!  I've been doing HIIT like this for a little while now and I really enjoy it as opposed to long duration cardio.  However I've been trying to come up with some more exercises aside from squats, lunges, that type of thing that I can hop of the treadmill and do quickly before hopping back on but I'm not having much luck.  I don't have time to get on the ground and do floor exercises between sets of sprints.  Any ideas?

  3. I hate cardio but I actually really enjoyed this 😊💪💦 hoping this can help me lose my little belly before summer 👙

  4. You honestly are the best motivation. you're so funny, motivating and creative with your workouts and videos. And by the way, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Thanks for being such a motivator!

  5. I did this at the gym today and OMG! I was going to save it for after I finished lifting but I did it before… and it was 🔥

  6. Do you recommend doing HITT and working out another part of the body in the same day? AKA HITT then doing arms?

  7. I'm also team caridno but I completed this as my warm up before leg day and then post workout until my brain couldn't make my legs move anymore and I think I'm now a HIIT convert 🔥😍

  8. This would be amazing, except the treadmills at my gym shuts off after 15 seconds of inactivity, its is PAINNNNN!!!

  9. Dont try this guys, it's fucked up, u don't even need to do the squats or anything else trust me, ur just asking to get ur self in trouble in the treadmill! Doung squats in between sprinting? Does that sound smart? Honestly, doing the sprints on the treadmill alone, with a high speed, will burn a ton a fat, u don't need to even include any other exercise, I been doing it for long time. Just do it after a work out, I promise Ull see incredible results

  10. lol i tried this at the gym today and face planted and ripped my lulus. today is not my day.😂

  11. Just tried this workout. Oh my god. Dying. Lol but it's so much better than just doing long boring cardio. Is it okay that I used the maxi climber instead of a treadmill? Thanks 🙂

  12. I promise if you can learn to breathe right while running it will help you run longer and faster

  13. I promise if you can learn to breathe right while running it will help you run longer and faster

  14. Do I do this particular HIIT workout on leg day only or can I do it every workout day? I workout 6 days a week, alternating one push day, one pull day and one leg day. Thanks I just subscribed!

  15. I swear you are probably my favorite fit YouTuber because you place the workouts in the description bar and you love food just like me. I binge watch your videos at work. Lol k bye love you so much 🙃

  16. Love this!! I did it and its so much better than just sprinting on & off for 15 mins!

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