Want a ripped set of abs? Follow this 6-minute cardio workout for men to lose belly fat. Traditional cardio is only making you more fat, weaker, and crushing your male-hormones. Start transforming your body with this cardio workout for men to lose belly fat.

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Joe LoGalbo
Certified Personal Trainer
Editor, The Testosterone Hacker
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What You Can Do to Improve Your Physique

Most those who have been involved with physical fitness for just about any length of time say they wish there have been a few things they knew before they started off. That is why this short article gathered a number of the best physical fitness strategies for the two first-timers and intermediate physical fitness buffs. These tips may be used by folks of the amount of skill.

You will not lose weight by only working out your abs muscles. Research indicates that it requires all around 250,000 ab crunches to lose just one single pound of fat. This is the same as you undertaking 100 ab crunches daily for 7 years directly. As an alternative to undertaking everything that function, have many different locations specific with your exercise routine and you will definitely see more instantaneous final results.

As stated within the over within the introduction, health and fitness is important to a healthful lifestyle. For full body health, physical fitness and good nutrients is important for everybody. Keep to the helpful tips specified on this page for a few intriguing and enjoyable methods to help keep your body within the very best problem feasible.


  1. Im a little confused. It seems like the routine is 3:30 long. Do we go through the whole sequence twice? Please help =) This is how im intrepreting the video….
    30 – all out sprint
    30- relax for 30 seconds
    30- full body crunch
    30- sprint
    30- mountain climber
    30- sprint
    30- spiderman plank (or go to failure)

  2. I notice lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (do a search on google). But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss system?

  3. That means every workout except the Spiderman Plank are 30 sec workout right? What about rest?

    In addiction, can beginners do this workout? or just do the cardio workout for beginners

  4. Google “lyly amazing guide” to find the best weight loss plan in the world. That quickly brings awesome results to users. I’ve already decreased 10 lbs in less than 7 days.

  5. l m getting overweight now i hve watched ur video and i m gonna try these exercises lets see whats result i get

  6. This is such a motivating video i just exercised today and this video made me more motivated and pushing me to exercise harder thank you bro and also i subbed because of it 😊

  7. Just starting watching your videos and I hope to use your techniques. I am beginning to become over weight and trying to get to a comfortable weight for soccer. Thanks for the videos

  8. I'm only 190 lbs thought i needed a little boost so found this, After this entire drill once i realized how out of shape I am lol, also you make that mountain climbing thing look way easier then it is hahahaha. Thanks for the video and something to keep me not bored.

  9. 1.one place sprinting
    2.full extension crunches
    3.one place sprinting
    4.mountain climber
    5.one place sprinting
    6.spider plank
    Gap 30 sec in between each exercise

  10. HI
    I bought your Anabolic Running product. It did not work for me in the way you stated. You promised a no questions asked, 60 day guarantee. I emailed you on the one and only email you ever used with me for a refund after using your products for +- 50 days. It is now 6 DAYS since I emailed you. Is this your 'excellent' support??? I would caution anyone to ever buy anything from you!

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