Burn belly fat with this 20 minute cardio workout to lose belly fat. It uses a combination of cardio with specific elements that aim at your belly. This will help you not only burn calories to lose that belly fat, but also to tone your belly / abs. This will give you a faster result.

All exercises can be done with no equipment and are therefore easy to do at home. This belly fat burning workout consists of one set of 10 exercises that is repeated twice, resulting in a 2 x 10-minute workout. Halfway you will get a short water break.

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Proper Nutrition and Diet for Getting Back in Shape

Inadequate physical fitness can negatively have an impact on you, equally actually and psychologically. You need to do a great deal of your homework so you don’t seriously harm oneself training. There are many ideas shown below to assist you to start out with a fitness strategy that can be right for you and your goals.

Instead of finding physical exercise as one thing you “must” do, try and see it as one thing you should do! Adore dancing? Then hit the night clubs! Love a great hike? Then get your running shoes! Cleansing the residence, taking a walk having an aged close friend, romping close to inside the garden with your canine – if it’s one thing you prefer undertaking, you’re more inclined to stay with it.

As this article pointed out, physical fitness is certainly a concerned topic. However, should you not mind hard work, you can easily achieve your goals. Will not turn out to be way too focused on anyone element of getting into good shape keep your eyeballs around the big picture and discover how to love your system and treat it with respect by applying the guidelines you possess read through!


  1. Love, love, love that there is not floor ab work! I think standing abs are more effective and have a cardio effect. Thanks!

  2. i have stubborn belly, if i wanna lose it, what can i do first? cardio or strength? 😂 sorry my bad english

  3. Hi I start work out I have to loose 25kg I'm a mother of 2children my Tummy is too loose by c section pregnancy suggest me plz

  4. it was my first day along with my mom…. v r sweating like hell thanks a lot ☺☺☺☺👍👍…. well v hv to reduce overall fat… nd goals r to reduce at least 10-15 kg…. how much time will v tk if v do it on regular basis?….

  5. First time through this routine today. I was a bit rough on the high knees but enjoyed it and got a sweat on. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. I change routines a LOT and I am familiar with several of the different types. This routine made me sweat, but to be honest, when there is no good warm-up, or a cool down, I kind of think that the video is amateurish. People's bodies need to be warmed up well to prevent injury, and a cool down is great to stretch the muscles and get the heart rate down. This routine is doable, and like I said, it made me sweat and furthermore the moves were easy to follow. So props for that. However, this NEEDS the warm up and cool down.


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