Today we’re exploring First Ascents 3 gym at Humboldt Park and its the sickest gym we have ever seen! This place is heaven, it has everything you could ever dream of, big open space, natural light, high walls with a lot of diffrent angles, great problems and it just looks absolutely beatiful!


Midnight Specials – Christian Nanzell
Inner Universe 2 – Tomas Skyldeberg
Everything Must End (Late Youngin Remix) – Sture Zetterberg
Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström

Finding Fitness With These Ideas

Looking to get in shape is actually a key job. There are several items you must think about. Not only does it require getting good exercising and exercising, you need to change your whole means of thinking of diet, health insurance and how you take care of the body from head to toe generally. The following tips will show you the way to take care of the body better.

You need to stop employing a excess weight buckle when carrying out most picking up workout routines. With time, a excess weight buckle will destroy your abdominal muscles and lower-again muscle tissue. The sole times that you need to dress in a excess weight buckle happens when you conduct huge lifts, for example leg squats, deadlifts and business expense presses.

As you can tell from the functional advice from the suggestions in this article, it is actually in no way far too late to understand new information and facts that may definitely reward your physical fitness schedule and put in your all round wonderful overall health. Everyone is able to understand a new challenge that can make the time and effort that you put into your physical fitness, rewarding.


  1. will you guys go back after their grand opening to climb more??? these problems look super fun and nikken looks like he's having a blast

  2. This most definietely IS THE sickest gym ever… I wish my gym had that many ceilings, it only has one and its reserved for one of the hardest routes there.

  3. Don't see what's so sick… Just looks like a lot of other gyms. Maybe colors are a bit more girly like than others. A sick gym must offer a nice bistro, good coffee, good team, good music, good location. Maybe it has all of this but I just see good boulders like many other gyms have it as well

  4. Hey guys, i was just looking back at some of your old videos (from back in the Daniel days, he was awesome, when's he coming back?) And both your filming and editing Eric, and your climbing Nikken seem to have improved exponentially in the last year or so!! Keep it up guys, i really enjoy your vids and your doing a great job!!

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