Patrick Beach guides you through variations of the classic crow pose, like high elbow crow, close toe crow and different shoulder opening stretches.

If this yoga tutorial was helpful, check out Patrick’s other arm balance variation series like tripod headstand, handstand, side crow, peacock pose, headstand, flying pigeon pose, flying crow pose, ekapada pose and many more here:

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Get Fit and Healthy With This Advice

Lots of people believe that they are fully aware all they must understand about retaining on their own in top shape, but you can always find out something totally new that can kick your fitness program up a level or two. The powerful tips located on this page may help you do that, beginning these days.

A great tip once your calves sense restricted soon after jogging would be to rest on the stomach whilst dangling your feet from the mattress. The reason for the reason being gravitational pressure will help you in stretching out your leg muscle tissue throughout the overall night. Use this a single night, plus your calves will sense remarkable the subsequent early morning.

Although this write-up may make it seem effortless, the most important part is hard work and perseverence. Working out could be entertaining as well as simple, but it also calls for persistent hard work to obtain any outcomes. So, shut off the television and get from the sofa, proceed to the health club, and start doing exercises.


  1. Dude, you're awesome! I love how you explain and teach things. I need more practice to get to crow and I'm getting there

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