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A Few Ideas That Can Lead To Big Weight Loss

Physical fitness is approximately not only running around or looking the component. As a way to have appropriate exercise, the body need to truly feel as well as it appears. This indicate that ravenous oneself or using harmful health supplements is just not simply being helpful to your exercise, in any way. As a result, ought to be eliminated in return for the following tips rather.

Outfit straight to stay healthy. Clothes has a straight impact on our exercising mind. Not merely in case you select proper clothes for hitting the gym. You should insure the clothes you will be putting on inside your every day tasks aren’t a deterrent for your taking hold of a few minutes of exercising in some places. When they aren’t right for even moderate exercising like jogging rounds in the shopping mall then perhaps you should reconsider your selection.

These are only several of the approaches to knowledge and sustain the thought of appropriate exercise. Training the described tactics at least 3 times every week and start a normal regimen if you wish to stay along with your body’s appearance. Nothing is more important than retaining the body healthy and fit.


  1. Thanks for this! I just bought a Concept2 and day 1 I was on 3-5 today just to experience rowing for the first time, and while it was nice, it didn't seem to impact me the right way. I'll try cranking it up tomorrow.

  2. hi thank you for your good tips and technics it's been very useful I would like to ask about the fatigue during the ergo after 2 minutes I start getting tired and I'd prefer to stop how can I reduce that thanks

  3. this is utter bullshit?! the sprinter is using the 10, whereas for long workout sessions you use the lower damper settings! i wanna see you making a fast 250m sprint on the 1… lol

  4. I row twice a week using the 8 setting now. I've moved down from the 10 setting in just on 8 weeks. It's a challenge but focus on breath, pull and overall pace has helped. Thanks for posting great content. Hoping to improve with your tips.

  5. So i should find my happy drag factor and always row about there? What about a really short row vs a really long row? I can hit 1:15/500 for a couple hundred meters with the DF at 200 but that would seem impossible at a DF of 100. When doing a 10k a DF of 100 would feel great. Let's say my happy DF is 130 would is there a standard curve i can follow? For example should i add 10% to my happy DF for a 100m row and subtract 10% for a 10k row? Lots of questions. Thanks!

  6. I've just watched your video about not lifting your heels when you row, yet both of the rowers in this video lift them. Is the 2nd rower you? You lift your heels up and come forward past vertical shins. The first rower lifts them way up, comes way forward and nearly touches the frame with the handles. Have you polished up on your technique since you made these videos? Personally I don't lift my heels. I row barefoot and you cannot lift them when barefoot as it would be too uncomfortable. Apart from being inefficient, bending the knees too much (lifting the heels) puts a lot of stress on the knees, which is particularly bad for people with knee injuries or arthritis.

  7. Hi Shane, thanks for the video. Since Invictus Camp in Brazil in 2015, when you told me about this concept of damper settings, I still use the damper the other way around of what you suggest. I'm wondering if you could answer the questions below.

    1) Do you consider yourself a sprinter (fast twitch) or a marathoner (slow twitch)?
    2) If you had to do a 100m for time, would put your damper at 10 or 1? Why?
    3) If you had to do a 500m for time, would put your damper at 10 or 1?
    4) If you had to do a 2k for time, would put your damper at 10 or 1?
    5) If you had to do a 21k for time, would put your damper at 10 or 1? Why?

    Many thanks!

  8. Now this is the biggy for me….i simply cannot hold my splits unless i.m on damper 10… i dont know if thats because i.v always had it on 10 ever sinse i discovered erging(some 20 yrs ago), or is it just bad technique??? I have no idea….

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