Hip Opening Yoga – Savannah’s 40 Minute Beginners Hip Opening Vinyasa is perfect for all of you advanced & beginner yogis. Relieve pain in the hip, lower back, upper back, and lower body in our free yoga videos! Certified Yoga Instructor, Savannah Victoria from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga class.




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  1. You're a doll! your instruction to accept my body for what it does for me set the tone for the whole class and I will carry it forward with me. thank you. xox

  2. How wonderful was this?! I feel super relaxed now. I love the instructors at YTX, you all seem such good and compassionate people. Another wonderful practice, thank you

  3. Dear Savannah, Thank you for this wonderful video. It was a pleasure to follow even with my extremely tight hips. You are a superb yoga instructor. Greetings from Hungary. Namaste, Anett

  4. Sciatica, shoulder stretches for old torn rotator cuff injuries, old injuries of crushed disks in the neck. Tension across the shoulders, hips neck core and jaw. Arthritis in knees and neck. Anything that covers some of those areas . Thank you!!!

  5. Nice ! Loved the encouragement.Loved the reminder that it's okay to spend the time to nurture our health through yoga. " nice " was a pleasant affirmation to hear as well. Thank you

  6. This video is amazing! I use it almost every day. I have always had a problem with my hip. My doctor said I would need physical therapy, but I have been practicing yogatx videos and I have never felt better! The pain is gone most days. You gals are lifesavers! Do you plan on doing any more videos specifically for piraphormus (sp?) muscle pain? Just curious!

  7. Excellent class, you have a found your 'teacher voice', as well as communicating a mindful practice. Many classes are rushed and the teacher has that sing-songie voice that can be annoying, but you have created a class that is about listening to your body, acknowledging that we have different body types, taking your time to present the pose, awareness of breath. I loved your comment about 'insecure society and self love', it was so right on! Thank you, Savannah!

  8. Bending my knees that deeply is really painful and too intense for me so I went back to the 20 minute hip opening video but I would like to work my way up to this one. My hips are super tight. Especially my right one. Any advice on how to work on getting to a place where I can bend my knees and hold it?

  9. This video is very slow-paced IN A GOOD WAY. I was really able to connect with my breath and it took a while, but all of my anxiety (it's finals week) was able to melt away and I was able to actually relax and enjoy this time. Thank you!

  10. SAVANNAH THANK YOU, you look so young but very talented. I have pain all over due to over doing it with weights and having
    abused my body for so long thinking more is better it's nice to know more is not always better but loving yourself and listening
    to your body is what is really healing to the soul

  11. You really do a fantastic job of being in the moment, and your internal awareness and knowledge seems quite good too. Even without any tricks or extreme poses, you produce a yoga video worth watching. Very nice!

  12. Okay, #1-I love that you wear glasses! YAY! I do too. #2-loved it and I loved your instruction and rationales. I love this channel period. The yoga instruction and theory is so different then others. No offense to the others I think they mean well but it is almost like they are more about the poses and execution versus like here mentioning being in the moment and learning YOUR body and how it works and how to get it to where YOU want it to be versus being able to have your body in a pretzel shape! LOL!

  13. Thank you so much for this practice; it was brilliant and beautiful and allowed me to be so calm and free Your voice was so soothing and you made me feel love I don't otherwise give myself. Namaste x

  14. Savannah, this is the first time I have done a class with you. I loved it. You are such a beautiful instructor. I certainly will be doing more with you. Thank you for sharing ….

  15. This was my first workout with Savannah. Great job! I didn't get ads after I clicked the x to close the first one.

  16. I tried doing it, but at 3 separate times during the flow I was interrupted by ads. Not very relaxing for. yoga practice!

  17. Great practice but the two commercial interruptions in the middle of poses is VERY disruptive and unsettling.

  18. good video enjoyed it. Thank you.I was having one of those days. 1 step forward 20 back, this helped get the rhythm back.

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