This Real Talk is a Follow Up to one of my Most Criticized, Oldest Videos: The topic is going to be Diet, Weight Loss, and how Life Style Adaptations can lead to Sustainable Results. Since this is a very controversial subject, a lot of people will be on board with what I have to say, while lots of other people will wholeheartedly disagree, don’t be shy and share your opinion in the comments. In case you are interested in all the details of my reasoning and a one week example meal plan, check out my e-book:

Diet, Health And Weight Loss : Overviewing My Stance On Nutrition | Part 1/2

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Your Easy Guide to Physical Fitness

To have the best from your health and fitness program and diet, you need to have the correct info in order to make the most effective choices you may for yourself. Listed below are a number of ideas on ways you can get in the very best form of your life and stay like that.

Physical fitness of the torso if crucial facing framework and type whilst working out. If you would like achieve a well balanced workout, you should operate your torso in addition to your other muscle tissues. When you only work out your torso, these muscle tissue will grow more robust disproportional to your entire muscle tissue.

Even though being match and lifestyle a good way of life can be challenging, they could sometimes also be entertaining. Put some of the suggestions you read about right here to great utilization in your health and fitness regimen. Make health and fitness as a great deal of everyday to-do as showering and laundry. When you force to exercise harder and a bit more frequently, you will see much better effects.


  1. I've taken up this kind of lifestyle a couple months ago and have become the healthiest I've ever been. As Mani said in this video, I cut my animal products down to roughly two times a week. I can still enjoy meat and dairy but strangely I don't miss it during the rest of the week.

  2. Your being vegan defines your diet advice and makes it completely biased and mostly wrong. Eating a variety of food, in small quantities, avoiding sugar and high glycemic index food (like sodas), avoiding processed food, eating as much vegetables as possible, drinking a lot of water; those are advice that the science of today agrees with independently of one's special beliefs. And for god's sake, just say things as they are, pro climbers eat LITTLE, it's that simple. Ppl in america are fat for consuming what, 3 to 10 times what the strong lean climbers eat, and on top of that they eat processed and addictive food. It's not about animal products. If you eat your chicken with some veggies, the occasional good steak with rice, a few eggs here and there, and some milk, this will never make you any fat. It will however prevent you from having deficiencies that are for example lethal to babies. Being a vegan involves very careful consideration over the diet, it not natural and can easily lead to deficiencies.

  3. Hey, Mani! Loving your channel. I am vegetarian myself, and even though I don't eat meat (and haven't for quite some time), things like yogurt, whey protein, eggs and cheese are still a staple of my diet for my training. I eat these products at least once a day. Would you recommend scaling them back at all or do you have any vegan options to replace them with? (Apologies if this question was answered in another video.) Anyways, great job on the video. Looking forward to part 2!

  4. Hi I have a question about Weight Loss. I have a doubt, when we are working out a lot we might win weight because of building muscles. So I am confused about if we can loss weight when we are climbing a lot, I have heard people say that is actually god to win with as you gain muscles. Could you clarify a little bit this?

  5. I almost agree every thing with my climbing experience.
    I think diet depends a lot of your environment and of your project. For exemple we have to find a good ratio energie/weight in our food for an expedition. And being a bit fater than usual can be a solution.
    Thanks for this channel.

  6. Meh I really disagree with a lot of the general nutrition advice here (and I'm pretty close to a plant-based vegan diet too). The saying "the fat you eat is the fat you wear" is oversimplified trash and fat is an extremely important macro for a ton of functions, reducing it to below 10% is definitely not a good idea the same way eating red meat is not a good idea.

  7. I think you new advice makes sense. I think it makes sense to say it is not just 100% vegan that counts even though it is good in many ways.
    Personally I found I feel need some salt sometimes, I have also found that staying away from cheese and milk containing products 100% is a bit difficult mostly for practical reasons, not so much that I feel I needed. when i am at home and have time it is no problem.

    I wounder if you have an opinion about Testosterone levels and plant base food vs meat?

  8. Great vid mani, seems like something you have studied or been looking into for a while do you have any books you would recommend?

  9. Perhaps – in your next video – you could re-emphasize the types of foods that you would recommend a person with a climber orientated lifestyle to consume in their diet? i.e: A diet with more plant-based nutrition would consist primarily of what types foods that would cover the 80/10/10 (carbs, protein, fats) diet that you discussed in this video?

  10. Nice man! I really like your tolerance as a vegan person and your description of all your opinions in this video.
    I have to say I really like the idea of veganism, but by now I'm far from beeing vegan. I like to eat a steak once or twice a year and I like to eat quark from time to time and drinking coffee with milk. But what I've changed for myself is that I use animal products more conscious and much less. And I eat more conscious in general. For now getting fully vegan feels like a pretty hard waiver.

  11. I'm sorry but after you continuously repeating 'fat you eat is fat you wear' I stopped watching. That statement has 0 evidence and its more of the lore. I dont think you should be spreading that. shrug Good luck messing up your hormones/cholesterol levels by not eating fats.
    I dont understand why you say that starving is a way to create caloric deficit. For many athletes as simple as not eating that chocolate bar/fruit/snack/beer (lets be real everyone eats them) would create a meaningful and manageable caloric deficit that would help you loose weight.
    Unfortunately, even though i love you adventure/training videos I cannot agree with your views on nutrition. you might be feeling good now but you are still too young to tell the true effect.

  12. Hei 🙂 As im just a hobby climber and doing most sports for the fun and a bit of lifting for the looks i go for a rather balanced diet. if it comes to meat i prefere low fat meat like chicke breast, but i really like to get some vegan/vegetarian nutrition tips as i think its harder to keep a healthy diet as a vegan and that you can learn a lot from people that are able to sustain such a diet. Also subtituting "normal" meals with vegan meals is a nice way to gain diversity and save money 🙂

  13. I've been experimenting with intermittent fasting + Keto this past year and it's been working for me, climbing and otherwise. Really like the thinking though and look forward to hearing your thoughts on carb loading.

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