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Should you be lifting your weights or do cardio first? Which order is the better combination? Does it hurt to do cardio first, or will doing weights first kill your cardio gains? Or kill your gains overall?

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Picturefit on YouTube! I share some of my health and fitness tips with you. Come check out our content! New fitness topics on a weekly basis. Want to learn about more health and fitness topics? Ask it in the comments! Learn all you need to know and what to do at the gym. Learn about aerobics, strength, hypertrophy, power, and endurance!

How to Start a Fitness Program

Preserving your health and fitness as you era is essential to residing an extensive healthier existence. As your system ages, your bone become weakened, causing them to be far more at risk of smashes. Trying to keep in shape assists to keep your bone solid, plus your system can get over injuries more rapidly. This short article will present you with some great ideas for looking after your fitness into your fantastic several years.

Running is a superb exercising which get you fit fast. If working is totally new for your needs, start off gradual by walking then transitioning into working a minimum of 72 hours weekly for about thirty minutes. Starting gradually will help you to stay secure and get away from injuries.

All those are just a few of the methods to understanding and keep the thought of correct fitness. Process the described strategies a minimum of 3 times weekly and commence a regular schedule if you would like stay on top of your body’s appearance. There is nothing more significant than maintaining your body fit and healthy.


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  2. A low intensity cardio is actually nice for a warm-up. I still prefer to do it after. It….depends..

  3. I actually was going for cardio first until I found I have no energy for weight and resistance training. I reversed the order and it worked better for me.

  4. Wow.. I've been doing cardio before lifting for years now.. Honestly after this video I might try to switch it up.. However I really like doing cardio before lifting simply because after cardio, my heart rate is increased during lifting and I like that… I guess maybe I'm old school? The higher the heart rate the more calories burned?

  5. I always do my cardio before, because honestly it just suits me best; and I get a great pump with my weight training. I tried doing weights before cardio and It just didn't work for me. I mean I've gotten great results so I don't think it matters. As long as you eat right and give yourself a good recovery period then I don't think it'll hinder your gains.

  6. So when should I drink a protein shake if I do cardio last? Before the cardio or after? And if after doesn't that negate the needing protein asap theory?

  7. Could someone help me I'm 16 years old and skinny I do football so we do like 45 min of conditioning high intensity then 4 more hours of running nonstop because I'm a wide receiver should I just give up on working out on my upper body because we run to much or??

  8. Some fucktard started complaining after hearing some guy play this at my local walmart on the speaker…

  9. There's Dynamic workouts and Static. Dynamic workouts are done first before a workout like Running, jogging, etc where as Static is done after your workouts like stretching. So I think in my opinion running first is best. Great video tho.

  10. I do 10 min of row at 750/ 800 cal/Hr before lifting, for me is the hardest part of the training some days, because they seems to me like 48 hours xD

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