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0:04 Leg Extensions
0:10 Lower Back Extensions
0:18 Oblique Twists
0:27 One Arm Band Crossover
0:36 Tricep Extension
0:44 Hip Thrust
0:51 Bent Over Standing Row
0:59 Resisted Ab Crunch
1:07 One Arm Side Punch
1:14 Double Hand Behind Head Curl
1:21 Behind Head Curl
1:29 Double Hand Hammer Curl
1:37 Concentration Curl
1:42 Double Bicep Curl
1:49 Shoulder Press
1:58 Kneeling Oblique Kicks
2:07 Seated Skull Crusher
2:15 Quad Lifts
2:22 Butt Lifts
2:28 Knee Touches
2:32 Ball Sits
2:39 Pelvic Lift
2:45 One Leg Squats
2:53 Ball Pass
3:03 Toe Touches
3:10 Skull Crushers
3:20 Bent Plank
3:27 Hip Flexor Raises
3:33 Oblique Slides
3:39 Tricep Kickbacks
3:45 Reverse Plank
3:50 Inner Thigh Squeeze
3:57 Hamstring Curl
4:04 Seated Upper Cuts
4:13 Reclined Bicycle Crunches
4:18 Feet Up Ab Twists
4:25 Feet Up Crunches
4:31 Hip Raises
4:39 Elevated Ball Twists
4:48 Two Arm Tricep Extension
4:56 One Arm Tricep Reverse Extension
5:06 Reclined Leg Raises
5:10 Reclined Ab Twists
5:17 Reclined Core Kicks
5:25 Feet Up Toe Touches
5:33 Overhead Ball Squats
5:40 Reclined Pelvic Thrusts
5:48 Kneeling Reverse Wrist Curl
5:54 Sitting Reverse Wrist Curl
6:00 Sitting Wrist Curl
6:06 One Arm Tricep Extension
6:15 Vertical Hip Thrusts
6:24 Incline Low Plank
6:30 Plank Quad Raises
6:34 Wall Ball Kickouts
6:40 Wall Ball Sits
6:48 Ball Climbers
6:54 Chest Fly
7:01 Incline Chest Fly
7:09 One Arm Chest Press
7:17 Chest Press
7:26 Incline Press
7:32 Kneeling Wrist Curls
7:40 Elevated Leg Hold
7:45 Shoulder Shrugs
7:50 Oblique Sit-ups
7:55 High Shoulder Plank
8:02 Cable Crossover
8:11 Incline Cable Crossover
8:19 Elevated Bicycle Crunches
8:26 Balance Leg Climbers
8:31 Raised Plank Push-ups
8:38 Ab Roll Crunches
8:46 Laying Down Oblique Twists
8:52 Upward Chop Oblique Twist
8:59 Band Crossover Lower Ab Crunch
9:05 One Arm Rotation Lower Ab Crunch
9:11 Elevated Ball Crunch
9:18 Split Leg Ball Raises
9:22 Incline Side Lateral Raises
9:29 Push-ups
9:35 Ball Cycle Kicks
9:41 Chin Pull
9:50 Band Internal Rotation
9:55 Bent Over Band Crossover Row
10:02 Knee to Elbow Raised Ab Crunch
10:08 Ball Overhead Crunches
10:16 Extended Oblique Sit Ups
10:24 Glute Raises
10:28 Feet-up Crunches
10:34 Bent Over Kickbacks
10:41 Calf Stretch Peronesis Stretch
10:47 Hip Adduction
10:55 One Leg Kickbacks
11:00 Ball Touches
11:05 Superman
11:11 Band Crossover Lateral Raise
11:19 Side Lateral Raise
11:24 Sit-ups
11:33 Reclined High Knees

Attempt These Tips For The Successful Exercise Program

Getting in form doesn’t need to indicate hours and hours of grueling workout routines at the health club. This information will deal with a couple of techniques that will help you get fit at home or at the health club.

Doing the same exercise routine over and over again is dull and will make you want to quit. If your exercises are too monotonous, you will find yourself avoiding them, which will make you skip them and eventually you will quit doing them altogether. Make sure you change up your routine every once in a while. You’ll find that not only do you enjoy your workouts more, but also that you are able to stay motivated and continue working towards your fitness goals.

Once your individual exercise program is going, you will learn your schooling on the subject is rarely finished. This is an excellent factor. Regular learning is helpful and in many cases necessary to keep and improve your exercise results and that will help you continue to be dedicated. If the expertise you gain pays off so well, you will start to enjoy the training process.