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What’s up, Six Pack Shortcuts? We’re here today to bring you a few different moves you may or may not be doing that will change the way you train to lose your stubborn belly fat and get in the best shape yet.

We’re talking about getting a bit more complex with your barbell workouts. Now, if you’re familiar with barbell training already, or you’re just starting out, these moves and routines can make a huge difference in your results.

2:44 – Full-Body Barbell Routines #1: Here we are integrating: Power Cleans, Front Squats, Push Presses, Back Squats, and Behind-The-Neck All back-to-back! 1 rep here only counts after performing all 5 movements, so for a killer workout try executing 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

These are some more advanced lifts and techniques, so before throwing them all together in this circuit, make sure you understand how to execute each properly.

You can see that just doing 5 reps can be pretty exhausting since you really are working for all the body’s big muscle groups when going through these motions.

We talk about a little something called Excess Post Oxygen Consumption with these workouts, which is a term we use to talk about helping to speed up your metabolism. If you’re looking to get rid fo belly fat and don’t want to do long bouts of cardio, this style of training can ultimately replace that.

Another term that we want you to understand is Hypertrophy, or enlarging your muscles, where you are not training using a ton of weight that is close to your 1-rep max, but staying within the 50-60% range of your max in order to perform good, clean reps with proper form for 10-15 reps in a set.

Long story short, we want to: decrease time in the gym, increase your metabolic output, save space, have fun, and get a great workout and pump going.

If you’re still getting your bearings when it comes to barbell lifts and working out, make sure you are using a light, manageable weight that you can easily shoulder press or perform behind-the-neck presses with to ensure you can get all the moves down.

7:05 – Full-Body Barbell Routine #2: Here Clark performs: Deadlifts, Bent-Over Rows, Upright Rows, Squat Presses, and Overhead Squats. For this routine, you will perform 5 reps of each movement so 1 round will consist of 25 reps total. Try going for 3-4 rounds.

Again – to get through this workout first focus on making sure you have proper form and are using a weight that is very manageable, and you can move easily – it’s not about moving the heaviest weight you can with these.

These workouts aren’t about lifting with your ego or trying to move the most weight, so don’t get ahead of yourself. If your body begins giving out on you where you cannot perform proper reps with good form, either decrease the weight or take longer rest time in between sets to catch your breath. You’re looking to do what’s called Metabolic Conditioning, where you train your body to perform at a greater level to help you to burn off more fat.

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What are some of your favorite barbell movements? Have you ever tried mixing them together, back-to-back like this? Let us know in the comments below, along with all your other questions so we can know what you’re thinking and what next workouts we should put out for you guys.

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New Ideas for Getting Into the Best Shape Ever

Exercise is approximately more than simply running around or looking the component. So that you can have suitable exercise, your body need to truly feel as well as it seems. This mean that famished your self or using dangerous dietary supplements is just not being helpful to your exercise, in any way. Thus, must be eliminated in return for these tips as an alternative.

Graph each of the workout routines that you just do over a spreadsheet, if you are searching to increase your results. This provides you with a definite image of what you possess done and also the function that you have left to accomplish. Viewing your routines on paper will help to boost your inspiration.

A very important factor you have to do is be sure that you work out all areas of the body. You may not require to sort out every area of the body daily, but instead have got a routine of performing various things and some of the identical routines on a daily basis. It is essential to work out all areas of the body with some other workout routines.

For that reason, receiving and staying match does not have to become the unreachable pinnacle in your daily life. It’s just a matter of strengthening strength by undertaking anything you love, something which gets your heart rate up and you can do no less than a few times every week. A schedule like this may not get you to into an Olympic celebrity, but it really can give you a proper body, make your body weight lower, and make you feel better about your self.