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This video is about trying Muay Thai, doing a killer fat burning circuit and talking about periods! Periods are super taboo (annoyingly), but it’s normal to obviously have them, and also to be badly affected by them. Enjoy!

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The Workout:
1. Wall ball slams with squat
2. Press Ups
3. Lunges
4. Skipping
5. Step ups
First round: x30 reps
Second round: x26 reps
Third round: x20 reps
Fourth round: x12 reps
– complete the given number of reps within one minute (if you have spare time you rest), then rest for 30s then onto the next exercise. Each round you do fewer reps as stated above!

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  1. I loved that you talked about your period!! It's genuinely so refreshing!!! It's like having a little girl talk. Genuinely would enjoy it if you kept it going- like general stuff like this, you obvs don't have to chat about periods non stop for 20 mins.😂😂 xx

  2. I haven't got my period in years but I think it could be down to my exercise and diet? could this be right?

  3. I get this where I feel disgusting for a few days and then I'm like 'wait could it be, yes it is' and I get my period and I realise I'm probably not as gross as I feel! Sweet video!

  4. I love how open you are so much Grace!! You still absolutely slayy even when you're bloated trust me 😂😍

  5. I appreciate you talking about this topic I don't have the physical downfalls of my period anymore, are used to be in so much pain I can hardly move now I'm in some pain but I found giving up meat greatly affected my water retention my period cramp pain my skin and my overall feeling less bloated. However I still find that the week prior and the four days I'm on my period I am extremely less confident I just feel disgusting and I'm glad that you talked about it because it makes me feel like I'm not alone I just have to constantly tell myself you'll feel better in a few days it's just you. But it's hard being in fitness and having something with your body be so out of control and having your mind to be so negative about the way you look when it's not your fault. Giving up meat was a game changer it truly helps with the inflammation in your body and if you're curious to try it it was totally worth it!!

  6. Love you 100x more than I already DID yay for vegan grace! (Or at least plant based) and yay for not making a big deal about it either ❤ you're beautiful

  7. YES YES YES!!!!! I feel the exact same on my period v___v I'm glad I'm not the only one! I try to push through my workouts as normally as possible, but sometimes you just don't have the same amount of energy as you normally would. Ladies, be kind to yourselves if you struggle with this, and do the best you can!

  8. I can relate to your period problems. My life is on hold for a whole week each month due to it. I also have tranexamic acid. Lots of people expect girls to go about their day acting as if they are bleeding, and that frustrates me. I'm glad you shared and made me feel as if I'm not the only one ❤️

  9. There is actually an injection that you can get which stops your period all together. I think it is called depo-provera. The only down side is you have to get it every 3 months

  10. Girl, I relate so hard to this. My periods are painful and nauseating af
    but that's nothing compared to the absolute plummet in self esteem I
    endure once a month! Waking up to a swollen new body that fits none of
    your clothes and a slew of large zits? Fuckin lovely. Anyways, love to
    see fit girls posting about women's issues. Em Dunc has some great stuff
    on this too. I started taking maca religiously per her recommendation
    and it actually eased things significantly. Not sure if it's pertinent
    to your issues specifically but might be worth a shot. Xx

  11. Glad you spoke about how you feel because I was just wondering this about you- you seem so normal so I thought she must feel the way we all do. You look great, but I know exactly how you feel.

    P.s. glad you're like the only youtube who goes out and has a few drinks and like takes some days off sometimes 😥. Makes me feel normal haha

  12. Amazing vid!! Please do an intense abs workout or just an abs workout routine at home it would be so so helpful !!!

  13. Have you looked into endometriosis? I feel like we've been constantly fed the idea that periods are supposed to be excuriating, or that we are over-reacting, when in fact neither are acceptable. Periods aren't supposed to have us in tears. x

  14. I love this! I appreciate it so much when the people I look up to actually keeps it real. Like you of course. Being a woman can be so shitty sometimes but shit we are unstoppable!!! Stay beautiful grace!

  15. I had such bad periods like you did before that were regular then went on the pill and had still v painful periods but now I'm on the injection I have no periods at all and feel so so much better

  16. I am exactly the same during my period too my weight can fluctuate massively and my mental health plummets incredibly the week before and during too but thankfully i have a great support system and i also have problem skin anyway and around my time of the month it is just uncontrollable it is so hard to deal with at times and i often thought am i the only 1 that goes through this as its not spoken openly so I'm so glad you spoke about this even though you are going through a shitty time with it at the min… love u ❤️

  17. Girl you are not alone I'm even in the same position I have the implant in and just got a random period. Lit felt like I had the flu been so sick and down and I forgot how much it effects my mental health!!! Woman we are superheroes no joke!

  18. I also throw up when I'm on my period and bloat massively and sometimes the psychological burden of like being in public when you don't feel like your 'prefered' self is actually too much to deal with. But, on the other hand, I often think: why should I feel unworthy or any less relaxed just because my waistline has bloated a few inches? How much of that discomfort or anxiety is because of internalized misogyny? Am i also saying other womens bodies arent completely valid just as they are when I have those discomforts with my own? I think trying to maintain confidence by accepting and making peace with the variations of the menstruating body is important to do for myself and for other women. Like if we can deal with the physical pain (and sometimes it's soooo bad) of our periods then why should we let worrying about water weight and puffy face or belly keep us from feeling at home in our own bodies? Last year I had this back to back setback – a bacterial sickness from traveling and then a bike accident that messed up my shoulder. All in all I was out of commission for 6 or 8 months. I was so paranoid about not exercising that I was in the gym a week or so after the crash doing the stationary bike with my sling on or jogging with my arm strapped to my torso so I could still work out without reinjuring myself. But there were still certain things i just couldnt do and i knew if i wasnt patient, i might have a permanently injured shoulder. In some ways it felt like being on your period for months, uncomfortable and not able to define myself through my training or activity improvements. After that long period, I was so grateful for being able to do the things i enjoyed again, and thankful for how my body had accepted all I had put it through over the years that I just knew I had to stop responding to the anxieties about bloating or skin or this or that change that happens. The self confidence shift is real but that's why it's so important to talk about and to make social space for self definition of our bodies and our self worth. Demystifying the body's changes and voicing its pains will hopefully help women take the fluctuations in stride and without shaming ourselves or others. Thanks for chatting at it. It's 25% of our adult lives, so yeah.

  19. I LOVED this! I'm exactly the same on my period! I literally bloat… my whole body blows up and I can put 5 pound on. It's horrible and massively effects your confidence… thank you for this video 😘

  20. Thank you for sharing Grace! It's nice to know I'm not alone with having horrible periods! I always get extreme cramps, bloating, indigestion/stomach problems, acne, you name it the list goes on!! It's definitely so hard seeing all of the fitness instagrammers/youtubers looking so perfect all the time because they get to pick what we as followers see! Thank you for being honest and showing another side to us ilysmmmmm!!!!!!

  21. Good on your for sharing Grace- it's good to know that we aren't alone in our period woes hahaha. Also, you did two CRAZZZZZY ASS workouts in one day. YOU ARE JUST HARDCORE GREZ, ME LIKEY <3

  22. Grace what lululemon leggings do you wear because I am looking to invest in a pair but there are so many choices. Would love a recommendation x

  23. Hey grace !! Love yours vids!! I was hoping to ask you a question about weightloss.. There are so many workout programs and eating guides etc so it can get a bit overwhelming knowing which style of training will get you the results you need, i need to reduce my body fat % by ALOT 😓 would you recommend weight training, kayla's HIIT, pump gym classes… It's all just so confusing !! Sending you lots of love 💕 hope you can help 😔

  24. wow, hearing about your period made me so so grateful that mine have always been easy and barely noticeable. it just makes my anemia a bit more difficult to deal with. i'm so sorry you had to deal with that.

  25. Look into endometriosis, your periods shouldn't be unbearable (I had it diagnosed by a laparoscopy).
    I also look pregnant while I'm on so I sympathise!!!

  26. Omg grace thank you so much for talking about this, I'm the exact same, I'm on that acid as well it's fucking horrible. Are u my guardian angel yes u are thanks for coming. Xxxxx remember you are beautiful and fun and such a positive influence to so many women. Fuck the bloat.

  27. I have horrible cramps every month and im like violet. Its horrible. I wish it wasnt so bad but it affects my workouts and it makes me not wanna workout anymore. After its done its like the hardest to continue or start up again because of that 3 day constant pain. Every month; this is depressing itself. Thank you for talking about it. beeen requesting this kind of a video <3. I bloat horrible too. My mom even told me i look like a whale .. ahahahhaha XD

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