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  1. I love the variations of this workout. It's simple enough to listen to an audio book or entertaining enough to listen to Kelly. I love hearing "this workout is complete" while sweating buckets. Thank you for all these great workouts!

  2. The 220 dislikes are clearly those who have NEVER completed a HIIT using weights/kettle bell/ sand bag balls, etc.😭 🙄. The fact that I have to just use my own body weight and focus solely on correct form, had me liking the video and added to my "HIIT" list, in 2.1 seconds of even starting it 🤔😂💦❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏾

  3. I struggled two weeks to go through with the other workout "No Equipment Butt and Thigh Workout + Fat Burning Cardio Intervals", and this one is killing me. I will say it is definitely 4.5 for me… I will keep trying!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Damn Kelly your whole body looks flushed. Must have been a very difficult workout. But you nailed it. Going to attempt this workout for the first time today. Wish me luck!

  5. This is the 3rd workout ive tried and id give it a 4* but showing the low impact alternative makes it so doable! Love these! Combined with my walking im getting fitter and feeling better! Thank you so much 😀👟✔

  6. wow i didn't actually think this workout was that bad… maybe cause i did the 1000 calories workout couple of days ago haha. But i started working out 2 weeks ago after month of binge eating and not excising.

  7. Killer workout Kelli!!Never done this one…I would rate this a 4…I only had to modify once with the jump lunges.My face was just as purple as yours!!!Thank you fitness blender for these free workouts!

  8. Did this workout while on my period. I now know that working out does not help me on these days of the month lol but great workout!!! Thanks FB, will be doing it as soon as I’m not in so much pain.

  9. Used to do better but I gained a bit of weight and I haven’t worked out much during the past 6 months.

    But I need to lose 20kg and I want to lose at least 6kg until the end of this year.

    October 1st, 17 : Made it to 19 minutes and my muscles are sore af. Today is October 3rd and I am planning on doing this workout tomorrow again 🙂 Let’s see how far I get

    *Oct 3rd*: I could do 25 minutes this time, though I had to take a bigger break towards the end

  10. Okay I absolutely love these workouts! But I noticed you said not to do these more than three times a week and I usually do a video 4-5 times a week not all are as hard as this one.. this was hard I say 3-4 on a scale of 1-5. I just want to do what's best for my body, help!

  11. First time trying from a long time and I only could go for 15 minutes after that I Couldn't Continue Due To dizziness and I felt I'll faint, But I am Not mad at all, I actually feel very healthy Considering I Start dieting 3 Days ago. AW, Thank you for this Amazing Free Workout, I'll never give up for achieving my goal. 👍

  12. I’ve been doing that for 2weeks now, for my cardio and I really like it! I feel really good afterwards and it really tires me. Plus you’re super nice and really encouraging and I like your voice too, love your channel❤️

  13. Wow. Amazing…i have been following your workout videos for about 3 months. I do it every alternative days and every other day I go jogging and running. Really worked out for me. Love you guys. Thankyou. Oh nd everytime u make me push my limits I curse you guys. Haha. Don't mean it.

  14. Someone tell me why I choose this work out on a Friday night being my first day on my period hahaha. Imma finish it! Too stubborn to quit

  15. Does anyone know why I seem to be “gaining weight” despite doing workouts? I know there must be some logical reason but I can’t help but feel discouraged sometimes

  16. I just started fitnessblender as a recommendation from my sister-in-law who uses it. This workout was really hard and I did it on a low-impact modification because I had an abdominoplasty done 4 months ago but I really am going to work hard to get up to the normal level of this workout. It was great. Yesterday I got my power blocks and did the upper body workout. I can't wait for tomorrow! Thanks so much for these videos!

  17. doing this exercises I felt like pushing all my limits. Seriously, I wanted to die. Although, I'm really proud of myself now. In my opinion, one of the hardest cardio workouts. Thank you Kelli for doing this 🙂

  18. Free workouts….also good ones…i've done insanity and focus T25…losing more calories but not more weight….Also noticed on my fitbit it is'nt necesarry to workout so hard to get results…i'm sweating just as hard…and especially feeling every muscle in my body by doing the workouts without equipments…thanks for that! love you guys!

  19. To be honest I'm a bit of a beginner and it's really discouraging but I get super light headed after like 15 minutes of this and I'll take a break and try to get back in but I am just way too light headed that doesn't feel in a healthy way but hey hopefully I can complete this one day soon!!

  20. Hey Kelly and Daniel… I came back to this workout since the first time you guys uploaded it and I got through it again but without modifying at all and with the hardest version you had. I feel great; I'm definitely stronger!! Thanks for all that you guys do for us and for providing us with great workouts we can come back to again and again! Well wishes from Texas!😃


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