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This leg sculpting routine helped me burn fat, sculpt my legs thighs and butt and even helped me reduce cellulite. At the end of this workout I guarantee you that ur legs will be on fire ! U can thank me later.

Exercise Routine :
1.Jump lunges (20 sec)
2.Lateral jumps (20sec)
3.In-Out squats (20 sec)
4.Rotate squat jumps (20 sec)
5.Leg Outs (20 sec)
U can repeat this routine again if u like to make it a 10 mins workout.

Do this routine at least 2-3 times a week for roughly 4-6 weeks and watch u see the difference !

❤Teami Blends used : (detox tea)
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❤Whey Protein Used : (good stuff)
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What You Can Do to Improve Your Physique

If our being overweight ranges as a nation are any indicator, there is lots of misunderstandings and adversity to exercise in our day-to-day lives. The choices we make figure out so much about how we really feel and look. This information will present you with some great tips about ways to become a much healthier and suit man or woman. It doesn’t consider much. Just, a little effort and knowledge.

Generally warm up first. Muscle groups can generate a lot more strength if they are warm. Generally, legs and arms are chillier than your trunk region, and warming up them up just before in your major exercise routine gets the blood vessels running in your muscle tissues. This means you could have a stronger workout.

As mentioned just before in the beginning in the post, exercise is essential, mainly because it assures an extensive healthful life with virtually no get worried of sickness or ailments. Possessing correct exercise is not really as challenging as people believe that, and with the ideas identified in this post, you can now be suit.


  1. Body goal. Can u do a video on how u lost wait but still have them curves….. amazing. My problem is i loose wait but my curves r going down 🙁

  2. Ash, another great video thank you so much I was trying to find out ways to scope my legs and get rid of my inner thigh fat. I'm definitely going to try it for the next 4 to 6 weeks and I can't wait to share the results with you and thank you very much for being so motivating and encouraging I look forward to Friday's video.

  3. Hey Ash! I liked this workout because it can be done at home. Also when are you going to do another cardio workout with your mom? Love your workout outfit!

  4. On nice days I like to exercise outside but as soon as someone is around I'm afraid to do anything but walk. Any advice?

  5. Hey!! ? would this exercise be enough to count as full cardio workout. or should I maybe add on jogging or jump rope?

  6. Thanks for for video you have been so inspirational got me to get into the gym…I've even got myself a work out partner (my dad) who has truly been motivating me…I follow some your routines they are very effective besides eating healthier I've lost 13 lbs now I can incorporate these legs exercises as well

  7. I hope that you feel better Ash! We need you at 100%. I pushed hard this weekend and did the stair master at the gym. Thank you for the motivation!

  8. hey Ash I love your videos u are my inspiration to keep going thanks for the routines do more what u eat videos plz

  9. Thanks for the video, super helpful! Should I be squeezing my glutes with the routine because I only felt it in my thighs?

  10. hola!!! rotating jump squats are new to me. I just hope my coordination is on point with this one. lmao.
    my main issue has been food. I love bread, rice, and chocolate. im trying my best to give them up, but sometimes I cave. I've gotten much better, but I want them to totally be gone, at least until I see a significant drop in weight. any tips for coping with food cravings???

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